DubSy by CAMB.AI – Instant Video Dubbing

Introducing DubSy, a revolutionary Chrome extension by CAMB.AI that allows you to watch any video on the internet in your preferred language with just a single click! Experience seamless and natural video localization, covering 78+ languages, all thanks to our cutting-edge zero-shot dubbing AI technology.

Key Features:
🌍 Hyper-realistic Language Translations: DubSy’s AI preserves the original performance, voice, and emotions of the actors, delivering a true-to-life experience in your chosen language.
🎬 Multi-Speaker Recognition: Our AI effortlessly handles multiple speakers, ensuring smooth and coherent dialogue translations.
🎙️ AI Voice & Performance Preservation: Our AI not only translates the dialogue but also mimics the original voices and preserves the performance of the actors, ensuring an authentic viewing experience.
🗣️ Colloquial Translations: Enjoy accurate and context-aware translations that account for colloquial expressions and cultural nuances.
🔊 Background Noise Preservation: DubSy maintains the original background noise and ambiance of the video, providing an immersive viewing experience.
📝 QA and Report Issues: Help us improve DubSy by reporting any issues or providing feedback through our easy-to-use quality assurance feature.

CAMB.AI is on a mission to create the localization infrastructure of the internet, making video content accessible to everyone, everywhere, in any language. Join us on this journey and redefine your online video experience with DubSy!

How to Use DubSy:

> Install the DubSy extension from the Chrome Store.
> Open a video on Youtube (other platforms available soon!)
> Click on the DubSy extension icon and select your desired language from the dropdown menu.
If the video hasn’t been dubbed in the chosen language before, it will be processed in a few minutes. You’ll be prompted to enter your email (not collected) to receive a notification when the dub is ready.
> For videos that have already been dubbed, they will be available instantly, and you can switch between multiple languages in real-time.
> Enjoy the video in your chosen language, with hyper-realistic dubbing!

> Dubsy uses CAMB.AI’s smaller-sized models to keep this extension free. This may impact performance. We will introduce CAMB.AI’s larger models to Dubsy on a paid plan later. Until then, to use our highest performance models, please visit camb.ai
> We only dub videos of English content right. More language support coming soon!
> We only support videos of up to 25 minutes long
> We only support Youtube videos right now; more platforms coming soon!
> Mini-player on Youtube does not work at the moment.
> You can only use Dubsy for two free translations. Email ack@usecamb.ai for verification and a paid plan to request more video translations.

Unlock a world of content with DubSy, the ultimate multilingual video dubbing solution by CAMB.AI. Download now and never miss a moment in any language!


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It doesn't load for me, either!


это было волшебное расширение, пожалуйста, почините его, я ваш русский фанат.


it won't load on youtube even after i reloaded the page total waste of garbage


It does not work. Don't waste your time installing this extension. I installed it and it doesn't do what it promises, it just keeps spinning and nothing appears. Terrible!


Damn.. My favourite YouTubers are now available in my native languages.


This is the most practical use of AI. And best part that I never imagined was that even after dubbing voice was same. Just loved it!


Wow, this is some amazing technology! Can finally show my grandma some cool amazing things on Youtube!


My non-english speaking family can finally cook me amazing dishes by watching english videos dubbed in Hindi!