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With You.com as your search assistant, get concise answers to your Google search queries, find answers on any page, summarize content, and dig deeper with follow-ups – all in a single chat-based interface.

Let You.com be your ultimate productivity tool.

🚀 Faster results: Say goodbye to endless scrolling and get fast, direct answers in the chat

💬 Interactive chat: Ask follow-up questions to gain a deeper understanding

✅ Sourced answers: Receive citations for answers in the chat

*Note: Unlike our other Chrome extensions, this one does not change your default search engine.*

You.com is a private, personalized AI chatbot and search engine that frees you from the endless sea of blue links. With the ability to have human-like conversations, you can ask You.com anything and get direct answers to your questions. You.com’s conversational AI search is always available to answer your questions or provide topic suggestions. Additionally, it can help with summarizing text, composing emails, and writing code – so you don’t have to!

Similar to ChatGPT but with connectivity to the Internet and a multimodal experience, You.com is the most private, customizable, and personalized AI search engine experience, providing both accurate sources and web results.

You.com’s features include:
• Fast, direct answers
• Desktop and mobile experiences on iOS and Android apps
• Private search and chat without privacy-invading ads, tracking, or data sharing
• Increase productivity – write essays, create code, view summarized shopping editorials, suggest ideas, translate into your native language, generate summaries of entire websites, compose emails, and more…all in chat!
• Track and share your entire chat history
• Citations and real-time data – check responses or dive deeper into any answer. Our natural language model constantly learns from huge amounts of information on the internet — which means sometimes it may get some answers wrong. While AI is always improving, citations also bring credibility and the ability to dig deeper to confirm answers.

You.com is more than just any old search engine. It’s an AI search engine assistant and your very own personal knowledge base — at your fingertips, 24/7!

You.com was founded in 2020 by AI research scientists Richard Socher and Bryan McCann. Its AI tools (YouChat, YouCode, YouWrite, and YouImagine) provide efficient web search and chat, content and image creation, and code generation. Additionally, You.com provides an all-in-one AI toolkit with YouPro, a subscription service offering unlimited access to the latest AI chat and generative AI writing and image tools.

Become a part of our YouClub community on Discord at http://you.club/.

Click ‘Manage Extensions…’ (or visit opera://extensions) and ensure you enable “Allow access to search page results” for the extension to work.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please visit https://yousearch.canny.io/ or visit our Help Center at https://about.you.com/.


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Всем доброго времени суток. Отличное расширение. Работает быстро и функционально. Убедительная просьба добавьте голосовой ввод. Печатать текст запроса это вчерашний день. Пора двигаться дальше. Хотел бы чтобы сохранялась история запросов непосредственно в аккаунте. В целом ресурсом очень доволен, пользуюсь уже более года, даже по симптомам плохой работы двигателя внутреннего сгорания находил поломку дистанционно. Это ТОП !!! Good day to all. Great extension. It works quickly and functionally. Please add voice input. Printing the text of a request is yesterday. It's time to move on. I would like the request history to be saved directly in the account. In general, I am very pleased with the resource, I have been using it for more than a year, even based on the symptoms of poor operation of the internal combustion engine, I found a breakdown remotely. This is TOP!!!


Второй день ошибка "Сайт you.com не позволяет установить соединение"


Вы лучшие! Но пользоваться буду только WEB версией, плагин установил но веб версия удобнее


Really useful and very fast !


you.com é a minha assistente para todas as duvidas e criaçoes


great product! Having citations is a game changer




This extension makes my life so much easier. I love how when I search for something, I don't need to browse through 10 different links to get an answer anymore. You.com for the future!!!!


I can't believe how much I needed this extension in my life. I love that the extension displays on the side of my search. I've saved so much time with this! Highly recommend!


I've been using a few AI tools now and I'm a fan of You.com and how this extension doesn't change your default URL bar's search while still providing AI answers inside Google.


Love this extension and You.com! When I'm reading or researching, I love the ability to pull up You.com and ask my questions right in the chat.