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Studybuddy uses AI to scan your quiz, test, or homework to give you the correct answers.

You don’t have to spend hours memorizing or guessing the answers anymore. It integrates directly with your learning platform (Canvas, Blackboard, McGraw, etc) so you don’t even have to leave the page.

StudyBuddy is also fully undetectable and plagiarism free- so if you want to ace your schoolwork quickly and confidently – StudyBuddy is the perfect tool!


The most efficient way to finish assignments. Scan and Solve any questions effortlessly with PhotoSolve powerful AI!
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Rapidly search Quizlet for those las..
Rapidly search Quizlet for those last-minute homework and exam questions! Updates v1.5.0: • Fixed new search bug due to external changes. Searching now works as normal! ★★★★★★★★★★★..
A simple tool to give you coding hints but never the answer. Highlight the code and press Ctrl + Shift + 1.
⚡️APRIL 25 2023 UPDATE⚡️ ⚡️NOW POWERED BY GPT-4⚡️ OpenAI Study Buddy is a simple and convenient tool to help you in your coding journey. We use modern AI technology to help guide y..
Homework Solver that integrates with any website or learning management system.
Click, Relax & Excel: Your Stress-Free Quiz Solution College Tools, the ultimate LMS-integrated exam assistant. Our software utilizes advanced AI algorithms to deliver accurate..
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This official Unsplash for Chrome extension enables you to quickly search and insert beautiful photos from any webpage. Free to download and use however you want.
Debug Doctor(beta)
Debug Doctor(beta) This extension enables log comparison for Debug Logs generated within Salesforce. This helps the Salesforce Developers to quickly spot the execution differences ..
汇集了将语言翻译器用于商业和教育目的的最佳实践。 此扩展程序提出的语言翻译工具可以帮助用户克服语言障碍并更有效地跨不同语言进行交流。基于新的 Manifest V3 (MV3)。 模式: • Pop-up translation: 翻译文本的弹出窗口。 • Split screen: 浏览器和语言翻译器之间的分屏。 • One tab: 语言翻译器的一个选项..
This is a test for Dropbox Paper Gdrive Tester app. Do not use!
This is a test for Dropbox Paper Gdrive Tester app. Do not use!
A simple, beautiful Markdown Editor ..
A simple, beautiful Markdown Editor using Material Design. Markdown is a text editor that let's you focus on what actually matters: writing. With no distractions, a simple beautifu..
Becorrect extension automatically checks and corrects your English on the websites you visit.
Simply start writing and if there's something wrong, Becorrect will let you know. Make sure that you don't make mistakes when writing: ● e-mails, ● messages and updates on social m..
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I dont know why people are tripping over this app, AI just came out recently and its still in the works to improve it. I have contacted the the company and had my subscription canceled easily. other wise good app


I disliked this extension because I use Google to sign up for the app to help me with my work. and when I decide to cancel I email the company and nobody has responded. and I'm very disappointed at the costumer service they provided. they had 24 hour to 48 hours to response email I had send them august 8, 2023 about me canceling my subscription. please if you see this review get in touch ASAP!


From the moment I integrated Study Buddy into my browser, I was greeted by a user-friendly interface that promised a seamless experience. Setting up the extension was a breeze, and the customization options available truly impressed me. It's clear that the developers put a lot of thought into making Study Buddy accessible and adaptable to different study habits. The core feature of Study Buddy is its note-taking functionality, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. Instead of toggling between a dozen tabs and note-taking apps, I can now simply highlight text on a webpage, right-click, and save it as a note. The ability to categorize these notes based on subjects or topics keeps my research organized and easily accessible.


As a dedicated student always on the lookout for tools to enhance my learning experience, I stumbled upon the "Study Buddy" browser extension, and I can confidently say that it has revolutionized the way I approach my studies.


What truly sets Study Buddy apart is its integration with popular note-taking platforms. My notes seamlessly sync with apps like Evernote and OneNote, which are essential parts of my study routine. This means that whether I'm on my computer or mobile device, my notes are always at my fingertips.


In terms of performance, Study Buddy is impressively lightweight. It doesn't slow down my browser or interfere with other extensions I use. Additionally, the customer support provided by the Study Buddy team is exemplary. They are responsive to inquiries and even provide regular updates based on user feedback.


I can't believe how much this Chrome extension has transformed my online experience. From the moment I installed it, I felt a significant boost in productivity and convenience. The range of features it offers is truly impressive and it's clear that the developers have put a lot of thought into creating a user-friendly interface


From the moment I installed this extension, I was impressed by its user-friendly interface and seamless integration into my browser. It offers a range of features which helped me a lot.install it without any doubt.


i'm a student and this really helped me. definitely recommend it.


Used it and just want to see it is pretty great. You could tell that the dev spend so much time making this extension simple and easy for students.


its very useful and it really helped me improve my grades


its very fast and accurate for homework I wish I knew that sooner.


Thankyou im just so happy <3


this has helped me with so much of my homework its a life saver!


Very helpful, I couldn't live without this anymore.


Awesome tool, I wish I had this sooner


Amazing extension for studying! Would recommend for anyone who is considering using it.


I found this really cool study app that helped me pass summer school effortlessly. It's super easy to use, and I actually have fun studying with it. I think everyone should try it!


Amazing tool


it's a scam. Do not install it. Emailed them several times, but can't cancel the subscription.