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Lecture Summary插件简介

Introducing Lecture Summary: YouTube, Udemy And Coursera: Your Ultimate Learning Companion for Udemy and Coursera

Note: This extension now supports YouTube as well, with a stipulation that videos should be under 28 minutes in duration, and transcript length should not exceed 4000 words.

Previously known as “SpeedySynopsis,” the extension has been rebranded to “Lecture Summary: Udemy and Coursera.”

Once you’ve installed this extension, you can either click on the extension itself or use the shortcut Ctrl + B on Windows and cmd + B on Mac to activate it.

Unlock the Power of Summarized Learning:
Enhance your online learning experience with Lecture Summary: – the must-have Chrome extension designed exclusively for YouTube, Udemy and Coursera users. Dive into the world of efficient learning, where video summaries meet transcript insights, giving you a unique edge in mastering your chosen courses.

Effortless Summaries, Instant Brilliance:
Tired of sifting through lengthy course videos? Say hello to Lecture Summary! We’re here to transform the way you learn. With our seamless integration, each video comes with a concise summary that distills key concepts, enabling you to grasp vital information at a glance.

Transcripts Unveil the Details:
Uncover the intricacies of each lecture with our integrated transcripts. Whether it’s a complex formula, an important definition, or a mind-boggling theory, our meticulously crafted transcripts ensure you don’t miss a single detail. Read along as you watch or use them to quickly find specific points in the video.

Copy or Download – It’s Your Choice:
Lecture Summary empowers you to take control of your learning. Copy the summary to your clipboard for quick reference or download it in text format to create your personalized study guide. Now, reviewing crucial points and revisiting key takeaways has never been easier.

One-Time Hassle-Free Setup:
Concerned about data privacy? We’ve got you covered. Lecture Summary values your security. Set up your account with Eden AI by providing your API key – a one-time process that grants you seamless access to the extension. Rest assured, your API key remains strictly local and confidential.

Why Lecture Summary?
✓ Transform lengthy videos into insightful summaries.
✓ Seamlessly navigate through course content with integrated transcripts.
✓ Create a personalized learning experience with downloadable summaries.
✓ Secure setup with a one-time API key submission.

Experience a new era of efficient learning with Lecture Summary. Elevate your YouTube, Udemy and Coursera journey today. Maximize your time, amplify your knowledge.

Download now and revolutionize the way you learn!

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it does what it says...go for it


Hello, I was searching for an extension of this kind but couldn't find the right one. Then, I came across this one and fell in love with it. I would recommend using it.


I love this extension, it really helps me in providing quality summary of udemy courses. This extension works for coursera platform as well which is really a great thing.


Good for making notes. 😍


Loved this Extension, Made my learning super easy and quick. Amazing must try.