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Highlight Emails in Gmail by cloudHQ插件简介

Color code email rows in Gmail to visually organize them.

✅ Select from a choice of calming or bright colors.
✅ Adjust background color based on email status, such as read/unread or selected.
✅ Customize the background color highlight depending on the sender’s email domain.
✅ Focus mode minimizes distractions, specifically designed to assist individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders to more easily navigate, read, and concentrate.

Imagine having all your emails from clients, vendors, or internal company emails neatly color-highlighted. It’s like having a personalized filing system right in your inbox. You’ll easily spot emails that need your attention, while also decluttering your digital workspace. This is a game changer for anyone dealing with heaps of emails daily. This app isn’t just about managing your inbox; it’s about managing your time and focus too.

There’s even a unique “Focus Mode” that works when you hover over an email. That email stands out while everything else recedes into the background. All other emails gray out, removing distractions and letting you zero in on that single email. It’s the visual equivalent of noise-canceling headphones for your inbox. This way, you can devote your full attention to each email in turn, without missing any important details. Perfect for anyone who needs a little help focusing amidst the constant barrage of incoming emails. Focus Mode is more than a feature, it’s a way to reclaim control over your digital environment.

~~~~ Instructions for Use ~~~~

1. Install the extension.
2. You can get started now by clicking on:
– The cloudHQ log on the top of your Gmail inbox
– Click on “Highlight Emails”
– Click on “Highlight Rows (ON/OFF)” to toggle the feature on and off
3. To activate the “Focus Mode,” just toggle “Reading Focus (ON/OFF)” to enable distraction-free reading.
4. To disable, toggle the feature off.

cloudHQ website: https://www.cloudhq.net/
App website: https://www.highlight-emails.com
Pricing: https://www.highlight-emails.com/pricing
Support page: https://support.cloudhq.net/category/browser-extensions/highlight-emails/
FAQ page: https://support.cloudhq.net/highlight-emails-faq-frequently-asked-questions/
Blog: https://blog.cloudhq.net

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The version introduced an enhanced feature that allows users to color-code multiple domains using the same color. Additionally, this update includes the capability to color-code emails based on specific sender's email addresses.


It doesn't work well with Dark Mode. Some of the highlight colors can make an email row disappear. Another app that I use, Dark Reader, works well with colors in Dark Mode. I use the filter features that Gmail offers for marking emails. With the filters, I apply labels with color, mark email as "important" and/or with different color stars. If you don't use dark mode, then this app makes important messages grab your attention.


Highly recommended. I use two colors to sort my clients: one for high-value accounts and another for the less profitable ones. This way, I can prioritize my emails based on financial impact while also making my inbox visually appealing.


Hi, The extension does not work if you have different persons with the same domain. At least I couldn't figure it out


Really helpful for me. I have ADHD.


I have ADHD and I'm not sure I need the focus mode, but I can see how that can help a lot of people in customer service maybe. I actually like this for the highlight feature.


Very simple and smart extension.


Excellent to use. I really enjoy seeing all the colors in my inbox!


No regrets. It's helped me keep my incoming email at bay.


Good feature. I'd recommend.


I really like the flexibility this gives me in my inbox. I know what's coming in from across the room!


I don't miss anything anymore! I just wish I could sort by highlight color now.


This makes it really easy for me to Marie Condo my inbox! Very cool.


I love having my emails color coded.