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Transform the way you consume information with Briefy! ✨
Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs), Briefy quickly summarizes complex texts into bullet points, tables, mindmaps, and more. Multiple languages are supported.
Briefy offers Chrome, iOS, and iPad extensions. Whether you’re browsing news, reading papers, or checking emails, easily get the key points with just 1 click on both desktop and phones! 🚀

🌟 How to Use Briefy:
1️⃣ Add Briefy to your Chrome extensions.
2️⃣ Sign in with your email address.
3️⃣ Open any content page and click the Briefy magic button on the page for an instant summary.

💥 Briefy’s Best Features:
💡Key points with 1 click
To get the summary, you only need to click the Briefy magic button on the page. No more tedious copying, pasting, or app switching!
💡Web page summary
Whether it’s news, academic papers, or blog articles, Briefy efficiently condenses any content page into a digestible summary.
💡Gmails and threads summary
Easily manage your inbox with Briefy. Click the Briefy button in Gmail to summarize emails and conversation threads.
💡List, table, mindmap views
Briefy goes beyond conventional summaries, offering insights through bullet points, tables, and mindmap views. Dive deeper into texts in seconds!
💡In-line summary translation
Get in-line translations of the summary in Premium and Ultra plans. Choose your preferred language and enhance comprehension and reading speed!
💡Wide language support
Catering to a global audience, Briefy supports multiple languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and more. Select the language mode that best fits your needs!

☀️ How Briefy Works:
Briefy utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) technology to provide concise summaries, allowing users to effortlessly digest complex content without accessing ChatGPT or OpenAI accounts.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions:
📍 Is Briefy free?
Briefy offers a free plan with limited usage quotas, perfect for trying out our summarizing capabilities. For more advanced features, consider upgrading to our Standard, Premium, or Ultra plans to enhance your summarizing experience!
📍How to upgrade Briefy?
In your Briefy extension, go to “Your account” – “Manage plan”, and you’ll find all the plans. Choose the plan you need and it will be effective immediately.
📍 Does Briefy have iOS and Mac versions?
Absolutely! Briefy is available on iOS and iPad, and a Mac version is in the works and coming soon!
📍 Will there be new features?
Definitely! We’re constantly developing new features to enhance our users’ experience. Stay updated with our rapidly released versions for more exciting functionalities!
📍 Do I need a ChatGPT/OpenAI account?
No, you don’t need a ChatGPT/OpenAI account to use Briefy. Our extension is designed for ease of use and accessibility.

📧 Contact Us:
Have questions about using Briefy? Reach out to us at hello@briefy.ai – we’re always ready to assist.
Your feedback drives our innovation. A great product meets its users’ needs, and we’re committed to doing just that. Feel free to send us your suggestions and thoughts as well!

🔨 Changelog:
– Introduced a set of new and better structured plans for different levels of Briefy usage
– Supported translating summaries into frequently used languages, in-line with the original language
– Fixed frequent crashes caused by the service worker on iOS/iPadOS Safari
– Polished the UI elements and squashed some bugs
– Fixed failure to infer time and location from the original content
– Supported summarizing Gmail threads
– Supported new output languages: Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish
– Supported signing in with Apple
– Improved algorithm for content capturing. Now more websites are supported.
– Polished the UI elements and squashed some bugs

– Added a new feature to hide Briefy magic button:
– Hide this time
– Hide on this website
– Hide on all websites
– Polished the UI elements
– Squashed some bugs

– Enhanced Briefy magic button logic for improved user experience:
– Embedded magic button now displays on content pages from most-visited websites in the world
– Floating magic button now displays on content pages from other websites
– Browser extension menu magic button now displays on the browser extension menu
– Improved user guidance for downloading and installing browser extensions
– Improved user guidance for learning how to use Briefy after installation
– Squashed some bugs

– Supported specifying output language in Japanese
– Added a new interface for the extension action button
– Improved the experience of the magic button and user menu
– Squashed some bugs

– Supported stream response for faster loading speed
– Supported displaying time saved by Briefy
– Optimized user onboarding flow
– Fixed the issue of summarizing Medium posts
– Squashed some bugs

– Supported premium plan
– Squashed some bugs

– Supported basic summarization with bullet points, hashtags, and sentiment
– Supported signing up/in with Google accounts


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Been using Briefy for a month now, and it's a real time-saver. I can use it on almost all the web pages. Most of the time as a digital marketer, I use it for browsing content, blogs, etc. The UI's pretty nice btw.


Are the owners serious? The only expanatory info they have shows an article from an arbitrary site that has an embedded button for Briefying, whereas other pages of the same site don't, not saying a word about enacting the function on other websites of interest, neither through Chrome menus. No FAQ, just an option of sending an email to the developers, but what for, just to learn the very basic functionality interface? Is this supposed to be working at all?


This is truly a user-friendly product. I was always tiring of reading a long article but at the end feeling that I didn't get the point. It was so frustrating. This tool definitely changes the situation. The summaries are accurate and complete. And the loading time is short so basically the experience is smooth. Keep on building this tool team!


Fancy UI, nice start for a LLM based reading assistant tool


使ってみた感想 要約機能のツールは他にもたくさんあるけど、Briefyの要約はその中でもとても正確。 長文、研究論文、記事を読むのにとても役に立つと思う。 ハッシュタグや絵文字があってデザインも良く、直感的で使いやすい。 日本語もサポートしてて良いと思う。


Recently, I started using Briefy Here's my take: **Ease of Use:** The extension integrates seamlessly into Chrome, making it effortlessly accessible when browsing. With a single click, I can get the essence of lengthy articles or pages without sifting through the entire content. **Accuracy:** I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of the summaries. While no tool can capture every nuance, this extension comes commendably close. It prioritizes the main points and presents them in a concise manner. **Design & Interface:** The user interface is intuitive. The design is sleek, not obtrusive, and the summarized content appears in a well-organized manner, making reading a breeze. **Room for Improvement:** While the extension works wonders on standard articles and blogs, it sometimes struggles with highly graphical pages or those with mixed media. I hope future updates address this minor shortcoming. **Verdict:** If you're someone constantly on the move, or just looking to quickly glean the crux of a webpage, Briefy is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. It's saved me time and kept me informed, making it a worthy addition to my browser.


Briefy is the best summarization tool I've ever used!