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Uni Terminal插件简介

Uni Terminal is a straightforward Chrome extension, similar to browser wallet extensions. Installation is a breeze, and the user interface is intuitive for anyone familiar with crypto extensions.

Once installed, Uni Terminal offers a suite of tools to simplify and enhance your crypto experience:

For Trading:

– Sniper Integrations: Customize and choose from popular snipers like Unibot, Maestro, Banana, Wagie, and more.
– Charting: Access charts (including potential additions like Dextools and Dexscreener) and tailor your preferences.
– “Right Click” Functions: Easily snipe, chart, or scan tokens from any website by highlighting and right-clicking the contract.

For Scanning:

– Scan Contracts: Instantly scan any contract by highlighting and right-clicking, even from external websites.
– Live Pairs: Enjoy free live pairs from DexScreener.
– Alpha Signal Bot Partnership: Collaborate with MD Bot for alpha signals.
– Token Security Scan Integration: Seamlessly integrate with various scanning bots like PIRB and TTF bot.
– Pre-deploy Scanner and Contract Simulator: Utilize TUF for pre-deployment checks.

DAPP Integrations:

– GambleFi: Access WINR’s Just Bet, Sanko Dream machine, and more!
– Perpetuals (Perps): Trade GMX, Aark Digital, or Degensbet!

Social App Integrations:

– Telegram Web: Open Telegram in your browser.
– Discord Web: Access Discord within your browser.
– FriendTech Web: Open FriendTech in your browser.

Uni Terminal streamlines your crypto journey with these tools, making it a must-have extension for crypto enthusiasts.

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