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🚀 DevBytes: Coding companion for every developer

Embark on an exciting coding journey with DevBytes, the ultimate Chrome extension crafted by developers, exclusively for developers.

Discover DevBytes’s key features:
1. 📰 Coding news: Dive into real-time updates in widely-used coding languages such as Python, HTML, Java, and more.
2. 🤖 DevBot: Your reliable 24/7 AI-driven coding mentor and troubleshooter.
3. ✂️ Summarization: Effortlessly distill extensive coding content into quick and digestible insights.
4. 📚 Bookmarking: Organize and revisit valuable coding resources.
5. 🌐 Seamless integration: DevBytes integrates into your browser, providing a hassle-free experience.
6. 🛠️ Developer-centric: It is tailored to empower developers across a diverse spectrum of coding languages, including AI coding.
7. 📑 DevSearch: Browse, gather, and access information seamlessly without the need to open multiple links on your browser.

🌐 Stay informed:
Access real-time coding news updates encompassing Python, HTML, Java, AI coding, and more. 📰

– Seamlessly integrates into your browser for effortless access 🌐
– Stay ahead of the curve with the latest coding trends and articles 🚀

DevBytes ensures you remain on the cutting edge of coding innovations.

🤖 DevBot – Your 24/7 mentor and companion:
Meet DevBot, your personal AI-driven coding mentor and essential developer tool. 🤖

– Obtain instant solutions to coding queries ✅
– Gain precise solutions for syntax intricacies and debugging challenges 🛠️

DevBot stands by your side as you conquer coding obstacles.

✂️ Web summarization with DevSummarizer:
DevSummarizer expertly condenses extensive coding content into concise summaries spanning Python, HTML, Java, and more. 📚

– Bid farewell to the era of information overload 🙅
– Focus on extracting crucial insights from articles and tutorials 🧐

DevSummarizer ensures you efficiently absorb programming wisdom.

📚 Bookmark your coding discoveries:
Introducing the all-new bookmark feature! Organize your coding resources with ease. 📑

– Seamlessly bookmark news articles and websites covering Python, HTML, Java, AI coding, and beyond 🌐
– Never lose track of your cherished coding insights 🧭

DevBytes empowers you to revisit your coding triumphs effortlessly.

🚀 Embark on your coding odyssey:
Download DevBytes today and amplify your coding prowess across Python, HTML, Java, AI coding, and beyond. Your journey toward excellence commences right here. 🚀

📑 Clutter-free browsing with DevSearch:
With DevSearch, access all the information you need without the hassle of opening multiple links. Streamline your workflow, save time, and stay focused. It’s the ultimate tool for efficient, clutter-free browsing.

🌐 Last but not least:
Developer focus: DevBytes caters to a diverse community of developers, providing indispensable support for both seasoned developers and those venturing into Python, HTML, Java, AI coding, and more.

Coding excellence: DevBytes revolves around the art of coding, offering a treasure trove of features and tools designed to elevate your programming skills and knowledge.

Programming enthusiasts: DevBytes is the go-to resource for programming enthusiasts across the spectrum of coding languages, be it Python, HTML, Java, AI coding, or others.

Empower your coding journey: With DevBytes, you can unlock the full potential of your coding journey, regardless of your expertise level or your chosen coding languages.

– v0.6.2: Introducing poll and quiz cards, enhanced performance—discover more!

Change Logs
– v0.3.0: Added TL;DR.
– v0.3.2: Enhanced TL;DR.
– v0.3.5: Introduced TL;DR settings.
– v0.4.0: Bug fixes and improvements.
– v0.4.1: Made bookmarking permission optional.
– v0.4.2: Streamlined TL;DR and DevBot responses.
– v0.4.3: Enhanced DevBot.
– v0.5.1: Added DevSearch.
– v0.6.0: Elevated DevSearch for seamless experience.
– v0.6.1: Enhanced DevSearch, minor bug fixes


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This is one of the best coding extensions I have ever seen it helps a lot and it is very easy to use.


TL;DR is a gamer changer!


Overall, I'm quite impressed with its functionality and the benefits it brings to my daily workflow. However, there's one minor issue that I believe needs addressing. **Pros:** 1. **Useful Features:** The DevBytes Chrome extension offers a range of helpful features that cater specifically to developers. This extension truly enhances productivity by saving time and effort. 2. **Sleek Design:** The extension integrates seamlessly into the browser interface without feeling intrusive. The well-thought-out design ensures that it doesn't clutter the screen or distract from the main content. **Cons:** While I found the DevBytes extension to be highly useful, I did encounter a small issue that affected its usability on some websites: **1. TL;DR on Certain Websites:** The extension has a feature that generates a "Too Long; Didn't Read" (TL;DR) summary of articles. While this can be incredibly useful for quickly grasping the main points of lengthy articles, I did notice that on some websites, the TL;DR was not accurate or relevant. This led to confusion and required me to read the entire article anyway. It would be great if DevBytes could fine-tune this feature or perhaps provide an option to disable it on specific websites.


Extremely amazing Extension for Developer, on of the best tools in the market. I have also used Daily.dev but this is something literally amazing.


Great extension for developers. TLDR feature is extremely amazing and useful.


Amazing, Every Developer must use it. Devbot is amazing, I got answer to all my queries on a single click.


DevBytes is an exceptional resource for developers, offering concise and insightful content. The standout feature is DevBot, an interactive assistant that provides real-time solutions to coding challenges. The TL;DR feature is a game-changer, summarizing complex topics effectively. Overall, DevBytes is a must-visit for its innovative DevBot and time-saving TL;DR, enhancing the learning experience for developers.


Awesome Extension for Developer, Its best for developers! Every Developer must have it.


Finally an extension which every developer needs to install for faster and smoother code bot. DevBytes nailed it!


helped me a lot by its awesome feature of faster response to each of my coding queries.


I love this, I am a python developer it helps me a lot, code bot is amazing.


DevBytes delivers concise Tech and AI updates, while Code Bot streamlines coding assistance. TLDR feature makes staying informed effortless.


An awesome extension, very helpful for the developers, app builders and easy to use. I wish I found it earlier.


A useful extention for all developer.


Absolutely in love with this extension! Must have for developers


This is been my obsession since past few days. Will recommend to others from my developers community.


A handy extension for me since I am a developer and it has helped a lot with my current projects


Excellent Extension. For the development community, a must. I strongly suggest it in terms of UX and features.


This is a must have extension for very developer! Loved it!


Nice extension!