【图】Breathhh: Workplace Wellbeing Companion(截图1)【图】Breathhh: Workplace Wellbeing Companion(截图2)


Enhance focus, boost productivity, and cultivate emotional intelligence while working at the computer. A range of mental and physical practices are available that can be seamlessly integrated into the browsing experience.

Breathing Practices 🌬:
Find quick grounding and peace of mind with practices designed to reduce stress before important Zoom calls, while also relieving tension and anxiety.

Mood Diary 📗:
Track your daily mood and thoughts to enhance your emotional intelligence and cultivate optimism. Monitor your progress with convenient charts and insights.

Workspace Warm-Ups 🧘:
Engage in short warm-up exercises for your eyes, neck, back, and shoulders. Shift your focus to your body and optimize your work environment.

Personalizing AI ✨:
Assists you in finding the most appropriate time for a break, ensuring you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Websites Blocker ⛔️ :
Combat procrastination by limiting access to distracting sites, including social media and online shopping, enabling you to focus on what truly matters.

Background Noise 🎵:
Set the perfect noise for work or relaxation. Generated automatically in real time.

Night Mode 🌙:
Seamlessly switches to a soothing dark theme that adjusts automatically according to your operating system’s settings.

The emphasis is on prioritizing your experience and privacy. The product remains ad-free and ensures secure storage of user data. Ideas and suggestions from users are warmly welcomed to constantly enhance the product. Please don’t hesitate to contact feedback@breathhh.app.


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I really dug the "Box Breathing" exercise. Sometimes I just do it on my own without waiting for an offer. I'd give it a solid "4" because it's a great extension, but there's always room for improvement 👍


Great app, it would be great if you can manage the breathing time or holding retention; or choose from other breathing tecnique such as 6-6-6-6 (instead of only 4-4-4-4), 4-7-8 and more


I like it, it's simple and helps keep my grip. But not all tools are useful to me


Wow, I spend a lot of time on social media!))


I have become more conscious of my health, thank you <3


I have tested several mental health extensions. This one is the best!


It would be great if you could add a timer


All the features you need to reduce stress in one extension. But some features I don't use at all


lovely and simple design


I started using this not too long ago and I already love it! Suggests doing breathing exercises and paying attention to your sense of self when it is really necessary and important.


Guys, I never thought that simple breathing exercises can have such a positive effect on the emotional background


Recently I felt a panic attack because of the number of tasks at work, Breatthh helped me calm down and focus on the important


So easy to use. Definitely recommend


I like it, I'm flipping through social media less and using my time wisely. But physical exercise annoys me - I'm too lazy to do it even at the computer)


The best extension with breathing exercises and warm-up. Helps to refresh the mind.


Seems useful. Helps me not to linger over my laptop, reminding me to take a break and breathe


this extension is really helpful. like this a friend who cares about you,checks about you. something like that. 5/5


If you are really looking for something for your mental health, you should get this. It has multiple tasks you can do to calm you.


It's unobtrusive and easy to use. So far can only recommend it


its the cutest and so easy to use, takes no time to setup. definetly recommend it!