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Prepare to witness the next big transformation in your writing experience on your favorite Browser, using WriteMe.Ai Google Chrome Extension.

WriteMe.Ai’s Google Chrome Extension Features:
We have got some amazing features in WriteMe.Ai Google Chrome Extension for a better, smoother and more streamlined writing experience using AI.
Next Line Suggestions to incorporate fresh, new ideas in your text
Built-in Grammar Checker to edit, polish and perfect your text
Write Complete Article to create long form content in a jiffy
Popular Use Cases to write unique content for certain use cases in minutes

How to Setup WriteMe.Ai’s Google Chrome Extension:
All you will need to do is:
Download the WriteMe.Ai Google Chrome Extension
Pin the WriteMe.Ai Google Chrome Extension to Your browser
Launch the WriteMe.Ai Google Chrome Extension and Log In

After Downloading Here are the next steps you need to follow to use WriteMe across all websites to use WriteMe.ai’s extension

Step 1:
Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to your extensions settings
Pin WriteMe.Ai extension on your browser. Create a new document to start using WriteMe.Ai or go straight to the web app. You can also set your preferences for using WriteMe.Ai on different websites by going to the Extensions Settings page.

Step 2:
Move your cursor over the text and select any text between 30 to 300 characters length. WriteMe.Ai icon will appear under the highlighted text. Click on the WriteMe.Ai icon to open the toolbar (ribbon).

Step 3:
The ribbon will show you available actions you can take. Choose any option to get Next Line Suggestions, view Use Cases, use Grammar Tools, or Write Complete Article using WriteMe.Ai.

Change Log:


Chrome Extension Launched
Access 30+ use cases & templates
Supports 30+ languages and 20+ tones
Write sales & marketing emails that get replies
Discover ideas & write engaging content for blog
Generate creative, catchy copies for social media
Write product, job, profile, video descriptions
Generate interesting caption ideas for Instagram post
In-built native plagiarism checker (powered by Copyscape)
Workflow and team management features


Layout enhancements
Bug fixes


3 New Popular Use Cases
GPT 3.5 enhancements
Content synchronization


WriteMe Extension is now Draggable
New “WriteMe” Button to get text answers for anything
Now Data is copied auto on Click Using Append Function*

*Facebook not eligible.

Drag and Drop Extension:

Take the extension anywhere with you! Drag and drop the extension anywhere on the page and continue making edits. Enjoy more writing freedom!


“WriteMe” button can help you with emails, social media posts, ad copies, and more! You don’t have to waste time searching for the right use case; just use the WriteMe option to get something written for you. Use the new WriteMe button to find text-based.


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The writeme.ai is just a handy assistant for different taks such as write blog posts, social media short posts and sometime business emails. The developer should need to polish a bit more UX but I love the features it has.


SIMPLY AMAZING!! The extension works like MAGICCCC. I have used it to write emails, blog posts, video descriptions and even for getting new content ideas and it works perfectly everytime. Recommended for all writers!! 💯


"Excellent experience" I have used it to write a project it helped me a lot. I think it is a prefect tool for all age group.


I have been using this extension for a while now. had an excellent experience while using this for email's and social media posts. The best part of it is that its much user friendly. You just have to give the accurate detail of what you want and it simply gives the required results. I've loved it a lot. Would suggest to many others in my social circle.


An incredible tool that helps me a lot in writing my day to day emails and other stuff that usually consumed much time of mine.


This is an awesome tool, I have been using it in making description for google ads, writing some articles and I just loved it, each feature in it have its own unique value. I recommend using it.


Had an excellent experience using the chrome extension. Loved it a lot. I have been using this for more than a week now, which helped me in writing my emails, social media ads and blog post outline and other content. Should've found it earlier. Its an amazing extension. Looking forward to exploring the new features.


I been using it for my emails, social media posts on facebook and linkedin. It helped me like a pro, use it when i needed a pro input about what i am writing or I just let the extension write text for me copy, paste and vola! good work and a great extension.