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Free Barcode Generator插件简介

Easily generate barcode images from selected text with the Barcode Generator Chrome Extension. Transform any text into a barcode in just a few clicks, supporting various popular barcode formats right from your browser. It’s free, fast, and secure!

Key Features:

* Free and easy-to-use barcode generator
* Supports multiple popular barcode formats
* No registration required, completely browser-based
* Generates barcodes locally, ensuring your data privacy
* Print or download generated barcodes for various uses
* Secure and lightweight, does not slow down your browsing experience

How to Use:

* Install the Barcode Generator Chrome Extension
* Highlight the desired text on any webpage
* Right-click and select `Generate barcode for “…”` from the context menu
* Choose the desired barcode format
* Print or download the generated barcode image

For any questions, suggestions, or feature requests, please reach out to us at support@nextplus.io. We’re always happy to help and improve your experience.

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Doesn't work. I'm using Chrome (108.0.5359.124) on Mac. It didn't pop up at all.


Needs an option to adjust and configure context menus...I only need Code-128 barcodes and nothing else so it would be handy to remove unneeded items from context menu


No barcode/QRcode was generated or displayed.


Extremely simple to use, and no annoying ads. just gets the job done.


Amazing !


Awesome !