Flora- A Chrome extension productivity tool to help you focus better using the Pomodoro technique.
It shows a cute plant that grows in the corner of your screen as you work!
Keep time by growing a plant in your browser screen while in focus mode!
How does it work?
🌱 Focus better with Flora
Grow your plant by starting Focus mode
🌱 Extra focus makes an extra bonus
Stay focused to see your plants grow
🌱 Reap what you sow
Collect and share as many seed rewards with your friends to add Flora collection!


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it's so cute! very motivating and nice, but i just wish it blocked websites too 😞


It works fine as long as you only want to have one plant, because if you share it with your frineds and make them use it to get mor etypes of plants it does nothing.


I truly enjoyed it while it lasted, and it really helped me with my personal studies/productivity! However, recently, the extension would open, but wouldn't let me start a timer. I thought that logging out and logging back in again would reset it a little, but it didn't work, because when I tried to log back in, after I entered my Google account, the page became unresponsive. I'm really sad that I am locked out of my favorite extension, but it was really helpful overall!


Does not work. Clicking the Flora icon in Chrome does nothing whatsoever.


I really love this extension! It makes me have a goal when I work on my assignments. Having rewards like cute flowers and plants really intrigues my eyes when I spend most of my time in front of screens. Gonna plant'em all I guess!


I absolutely love this! Makes it so much easier for me to focus on tasks. The design is super cuteee.