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Udemy Video Playback Speed Controls插件简介

Udemy Video Controls Chrome/Brave/Firefox/Edge Extension/Addon – Zaions

#1 extension for video player speed control for udemy users.

Extension Available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox & Microsoft Edge Browser (available for install on chrome/brave webstore, firefox addon-store & microsoft edge extensions-store) (below given links will open the respective extension store page, follow the link to install on respective browser).

Chrome Brave Browser Extension Link:
Firefox Browser AddonLink:
Microsoft Edge Browser Extension Link:
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Controlling udemy’s video player playback speed has never been easier. You will be able to set a custom playback speed of your choice, No need to just select a few predefined speed tracks when you can adjust the play speed as you like.
e.g: if The person (in the video) speaking TOO SLOW and 2s speed is just not good enough, then no need to worry, now you can adjust playback speed with 0.1s adjustment up to 4s per second and if it’s too fast don’t worry you can slow down the player speed up to 0.1s again with full fine adjustment of 0.1s step rate, so learn at your speed 🙂

That’s not all there’s much more.
We have designed it in such a way so you will find it super easy and just right for the job that you will now never need to worry about a video speed being too slow or too fast.
Multiple setting options with a detailed explanation of every option about how it works and what to expect from it.
We hope you will like this extension, well then have fun & start learning at your speed 🙂

Want Some New Features?
Want some new features in this Extension? No need to worry just let us know what feature you want to include and why (reason how it will help improve user experience) and we will review that and let you know whether that will be a good improvement to the extension or not.
visit us at Zaions.com(https://zaions.com) or contact us through email , to visit developer “Ahsan Mahmood (Aoneahsan)” portfolio visit (https://zaions.com/ahsan).

We hope you will love this extension and please let us know about your experience with the extension & support the project so we can keep updating/maintaining (https://zaions.com/uvep).

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版本历史 1.0.0初始版本与门户访问
版本历史 1.0.0初始版本与门户访问

Udemy Video Playback Speed Controls插件下载




I would like to get a option to hide the blue bar under the video, its distractive


The only extension that worked. When pressing the configuration button chrome doesn't load and I need to press f5.


very helpful using it on regular basis thanks bro


Hit pause and your settings are reset back to 1x


Works as expected (as long as you follow the guide). 5 stars - Thanks!


Thank you! the only one that worked for me.


Great tool!


Perfect. I recommend it.


I loved it! Straight to the point and most useful! Thank you! I have a suggestion! Under the Udemy video, where it shows "Current Video Playback Speed", would it be possible to make the font smaller and the box smaller? If not, its okay! Thank you, once again!


Useful and working, thanks from Turkey.


tried it and it's really easy to use and works perfectly well :)


simple, useful and works as expected.


Easy-to-use playback speed control extension for udemy course video player.