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Are you looking for an intelligent AI LinkedIn Assistant to quickly help you get more engagement and clients on LinkedIn?

evyAI is a chrome extension powered by OpenAI and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create more engaging and optimized content on LinkedIn, improve visibility, and generate networking opportunities.

Think of our chatbot as the ChatGPT or Google Bard for LinkedIn. No API required.


⏱️ Save Time and Effort: With evyAI, you can create engaging content & comments on LinkedIn in seconds, without spending hours researching or crafting the perfect content.

👀 Improve Visibility: By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, evyAI helps you get noticed by more people on LinkedIn and increases your job and networking opportunities.

🧰 Build Credibility: evyAI’s intelligent recommendations and engaging comments help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, boosting your credibility and authority.


💬 Comment Generator: Create suggested comments for posts on LinkedIn based on a user-selected tone and goal.

✍️ Post Writer: Generate AI optimized posts for LinkedIn with relevant hashtags based on a user-provided topic in seconds.

🖊️ Recommendation Creator: Write intelligent LinkedIn recommendations for your connections with AI.

💬 Messaging Helper: Reply to direct messages on LinkedIn based on the last message received with the help of AI.

👤 Profile Optimizer: Optimize your LinkedIn About section and headline on your LinkedIn profile with AI for increased visibility and engagement.

✍️ Connection Customizer: Create custom connection note with AI when connecting with new LinkedIn connections to increase connection acceptance rate.


evyAI is perfect for professional LinkedIn users who want to optimize their profiles, increase their engagement, and network more effectively on the platform.

Whether you’re a sales professional, business owner, coach, consultant or just looking to build your personal brand, evyAI can help you achieve your goals on LinkedIn.


➕ Add evyAI to Your Google Chrome Browser: Create an evyAI account and open LinkedIn.com to start leveraging the AI. (Watch this tutorial video that walks you through how to install and use evyAI)

✍️ Take Action With evyAI: evyAI will support you in generating comments, writing posts, adding recommendations, messaging someone, sending connection request, or simply optimizing your profile.

📈 See Your LinkedIn Profile Grow: Witness your success! With evyAI you’ll be able to improve your profile’s visibility and enlarge your community and create more opportunities.

🏀 Up your LinkedIn game with evyAI, the ultimate tool for improving your credibility, engagement, and visibility on LinkedIn.

PC, MAC, Chrome Desktop Browser

Learn more at https://www.evyai.com/
Questions? Reach us at [email protected]


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Amazing extension! This AI tool is one of the coolest chrome extensions I have ever seen. It frees up my time and allows me to stay top of mind with my LinkedIn connections all in one. Highly recommend!


In the past 7 days, I've seen a more than 1800% increase in post impressions and a 30% increase in followers. This is a great tool that will save you time and help you get more eyeballs on your business.


EvyAI has been a great and useful tool for me! It takes what I want to say and improves it! It saves me lots of time and helps ensure that I sound professional and knowledgeable. Thanks, EvyAI!


Very easy to learn and use - that was key for me. Of many AI apps I use, for the price it was a no-brainer. It is helping me up y game in LinkedIn for sure!


LOVE THIS! I wasn't sure if I would use it, but was so easy to learn I immediately spent an hour working on my Linked in presence. For anyone looking to nurture their Linked in presence, I'd highly recommend evyai!


Very good tool and I find this hepful.


evyAI is a great AI tool to help you be productive in your LinkedIn content strategy, while saving you a lot of time. And it is easy to use with very little learning curve. Just ad extension and start using. Highly Recommend.


Joe from eviAI has been amazing. I always knew that I needed to get much more engaged on the LinkedIn platform. Frankly, I struggled with coming up with more than a few meaningful words when commenting. I also struggled with creating meaningful and engaging posts. eviAI has solved those struggles of mine. I would HIGHLY recommend this platform. You CAN do it and eviAI makes it easy.


Awesome time-saving tool. But most important of all, it's intuitive and figures out just the right tone and tempo for your message. I love it. Thanks to the Evy team.


I admit I have avoided AI like the plague because of privacy issues and because the few I tried were a waste of time. I have found one that's smart enough not to actually need a lot of rewriting, hallelujah! Also, the privacy issues are nonexistent--your information is well protected. Just wrote a post on LI that took under a minute. Highly recommend it if you're looking for reliable AI.


Amazing product! Saves me a ton of time and energy, plus it helps me connect to new folks with ease.


Evvy AI is saving me so much time and energy! Thanks for making a really smart tool to help us solopreneurs get more stuff done and do it so well. My account continues to grow and my following has hit over 4K (that's a 30% increase YOY! Thanks Joe


I have been using this tool heavily recently. It saves so much time!


Incredible! Relatively new to ai and evyAI makes learning ai simple and incredibly effective!


Saw a demo of this tool and grabbed it before he was done talking! It installs easily and works smoothly and it's going to save lots of time on my LinkedIn networking.


Amazing tool! Took me 3-seconds to decide to download it, and the results have been amazing!


This is a gamechanger and saves me so much time! Highly recommend!


EvyAI has been an incredibly useful tool for me on LinkedIn. It has increased my engagement ten-fold, helped me write thoughtful recommendations for those in my network, crafted excellent connection request notes and assisted me in creating a perfect about section. I use EvyAI every day and am very grateful for its creation.


Wow! I didn't realize that this app could be so amazing. But it's ability to generate thoughtful comments is mind-blowing. Plus, the ability to give it prompts makes it a fantastic AND flexible tool.


Graceful and quick! Nicely designed AI tool to make your LinkedIn presence MUCH more efficient and effective. Thanks for helping us all to up our game!!