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WProofreader Secure Grammar Checker插件简介

WProofreader is a secure multi-language grammar and spell checker extension. You can choose to host it on-site, in a private cloud under Business plan or in the shared cloud under Free plan.

What do you get in a bundle with WProofreader?

WProofreader detects and corrects spelling issues and improves grammar in many languages. WProofreader comes with AI grammar checkers for English, German and Spanish that perform with better accuracy.

WProofreader brings its multilingual AI-powered checking capabilities to Google Docs. Craft flawless, error-free texts on the fly every time you use Google Docs. Correct misspellings, grammar and style issues in as-you-type and in-dialog proofreading modes.

WProofreader is here to prevent you from non-inclusive or profanity writing in English. Now, when you type a non-gender inclusive term, e.g. businessman or businesswoman, WProofreader marks it and gently suggests unbiased alternatives like business person. Also, we created custom rules to make your writing more respectful.

Autocorrect automatically makes or suggests corrections for common spelling mistakes while users are typing. Typos like “hte”, “dont” are automatically replaced with “the” and “don’t”. Automatic correct spelling is enabled by default for all supported languages. Users can always turn it off or customize according to their preferences.

The user types a word, the feature automatically suggests the next word/short phrase based on the context. For example, if the user types “thank”, the feature suggests “you”. Suggestions are highlighted in gray and can be accepted by clicking the right arrow key. Autocomplete is available for English dialects for now. Autocomplete speeds up writing and enhances business communication.

We consider the safety of your data as our highest priority—that’s why we offer businesses on-premise deployment. You can host and run the text checker on company servers in house or in a private cloud. It eliminates any chance of data leakage and provides the top-notch security for your personal and corporate info. WProofreader can be also installed in a shared cloud on Amazon EC2 servers within the Free plan. Client security is critical for us. We adjust to all industry security standards and best practices.

WProofreader is truly a one-size-fits-all tool, compatible with your fav personal and business systems and software: social networks, Gmail, forums, Jira, Confluence, Zendesk, Medium to name a few.

Proofread texts the way you like it – while you’re typing. A tiny orange badge in the right bottom corner shows the number of mistakes made. WProofreader is absolutely accessible for any category of users. Use the keyboard navigation and enjoy the proofreading.

You can always make WProofreader more personal. Select the main language, tweak proofreading settings, extend user spelling dictionaries, block or allow websites, choose a WProofreader theme. By fine-tuning your proofreading engine, you can get accurate results like with a human editor.

WProofreader is capable of solving even complex tasks like checking multilingual textual content. Switch on the automatically detect language feature in the language settings and enjoy how your combo of French, English, Spanish and German (or another language) is checked. The autodetection feature is enabled by default.

WProofreader is super flexible and easily adjusts to any industry or domain. Create a unified dictionary for all your users or give them a chance to build their own vocabularies. It will greatly simplify your communication and make it smoother. For legal and medical industries, we have an extra option – pre-built dictionaries with a professional lexicon.

Proofread yourself and in teams for smoother and faster collaboration. Create a company style guide to standardize business communication with peers.

The WProofreader team is always here to help you with anything from setting-up to custom fine-tuning. Shall you have any inquiry, feel free to get in touch with us.

WProofreader Privacy Policy: https://wproofreader.com/privacy.html

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It's an amazing tool which helps me to avoid mistakes and typos. Because of that I can concentrate more on context than on grammar or syntax.


A great work assistant!


Super useful tool, a must-have for copywriters, I'd say. It's like having a personal writing wizard :) Saves so much time and effort. Thanks for this top product!


probably the only writing solution over there with a non-inclusive language check...recommended


Great app. I recommend using it to check the spelling of texts


Good app. Very helpful at work.




Now it has Google Docs support!