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New Tab No Doodles插件简介

This extension replaces the new tab page with a page that aims to remain visually similar to the new tab page but without any Google doodles.

NOTE: Personalized and dynamic aspects of the new tab page (such as themes, wallpapers and shortcuts) are not supported.

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New Tab No Doodles插件下载




Thank you sincerely.


For the first time in months of searching, i finally found the app that will get rid of all the worthless doodles and i can get on with what i ned to do. Thanks NTND!


Excellent, Doodles Goodbye!!


Its great in removing that ugly google doodle stuff, but I cant use my wallpaper now.


It works to remove that annoying animated google doodle. Unfortunately, it also blocks my chosen image but I can live with that.


As someone who is so done with all these constant changes that google makes in its own logo with the doodles and links to promote politics or irrelevant people, this extension does a great job, despite all the things that you can't change yet on this extension, like the removal of themes and shortcuts




Actually works. Thank you!


Awesome! Finally got rid of Google's politically motivated ads. Just what I was looking for.


Finally an extension that removes those annoying google doodles. I've tried others but they did nothing. This extension does what it says. A huge thank you to the creator of this extension.


Much appreciated !!! works like a champ...


There are a dozen new tab extentions i have tried and remove. But this one take a please in my selection. Simple neat for NTP.


It does what it says but it removes your theme.


This one actually works! I tried about a dozen and this one does what it says and removes the doodle from the new tab.