What if you could just choose your YouTube layout? Well, now you can! CustomTube lets you choose between recreations of any YouTube layout from 2008-2021, all with a single click!

Outside of the layout selector, CustomTube has even more options, including:
-Ability to loop videos by default (with an option to exclude playlist videos)
-Choose the size of the video player
-Make search better by hiding some irrelevant results
-Hide the “Shorts” button on the sidebar
-And more, with even more options planned for future updates!


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can you add this extension to pale moon as well plz


Cool! Any plan to add the ability to change the favicon?


I loved. I like the 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. I understand that what you do was a lot of work. I liked. For the next update could you do one from 2005? greetings from argentina.


Absolutely fantastic!


wish it allowed 3 across in channel page like I had 4 makes thumbs a little too small.. I like seeing the thumb I switched to this since tuberebux stopped working with errors not being updated that allowed 3 across one feature be nice always force video songs to play from the start in a playlist.. .. some start where left them not sure why.. a tube code thing but its annoying to listen to music and be where last skipped it.


the like buttons are werid


It is beautiful, although it would be better if in the versions from 2011 onwards the colors of the channel were similar to those of the banner, in addition to the channels looking more similar to these years as well as the home page, although well, I hear myself too demanding, plus this entails a lot of work and given how big the extension is I doubt it will be easy but in general it looks beautiful, thank you very much and sorry for my bad English (I'm using Google Translate)


It's really nice & easy to use. I use AdashimaaTube as well, but that one doesn't support the new UI on the watchpage yet. Would it be possible to use the old dark theme page background color from the 2021 & prior updates? in dark mode it uses the new background color which is a little too dark black to view comfortably. the old dark mode was more of a grey color


better than YT Redux


Great extension, love how accurate it is, but the player on the watch page on fullscreen needs fixing. For example idk if this is with all browser, I'm currently using a chromium based browser but the scrollbar isn't full when in full screen, on the left and right it's slightly cut. Hopefully this gets fixed


The extension is good from early 2013 and beyond, but themes from before that time are completely unusable. They commonly have many issues. The 2008 is entirely unusable, as the player completely clips into the tabs bar on the top, obviously can't watch a video when a 5th of it is covered. 2009 doesn't have the tabs, but the title is glitched with a gray line through the text, which, as a person with OCD, is REALLY ANNOYING! Even when I use ublock origin to get rid of the text, the view counts and upload dates are glitched and don't change from the first video you watch after a reload. 2011 has the same problem. 2012 has problems with how things are arranged too. So any theme after 2012 is good, but it still sucks that the best themes are completely glitched.


It restores the youtube layout almost exactly like it should, but I still have some complaints: Cosmic Cat as unusable as it is for daily use it at least shows the dislikes on a video, so maybe integrate that in the extension itself The video player, although thankfully now has it's own theme, it still looks buggy when you go on fullscreen and the icons look somewhat cheesy, being lower than usual, so for now I might just still with the PlayerTube extension until things get fixed


It's better than the other extensions. although, the css still feels a little too modern, hopefully soon enough you can make the remaining themes work with theater mode, and make the pre-roboto styles less modern? thanks


one of the extensions i seen and can you add mid 2005 layout?


very cool! unfortunately it breaks on 21:9 monitors


Розробник цього розширення геній. Відтворює втрачену атмосферму старого ютубу, хоча є деякі маленькі недопрацювання


Compared to YT Redux this is BASED. It does a lot better job at replicating the HitchHiker layout than YT Redux, with the channel icon placement, the sidebar, icons and much more! There's some issues here and there but I hid them using uBlock for now (yes, I still don't have the adblock warning somehow). One winking button to make YouTube look better! EDIT: Some Tampermonkey scripts and PlayerTube combined make this infinitely better than stock.


Cool! Please add 2010-2011 Layout!


feels like youtube never changed there layout!


Works pretty good, but has some bugs: 1. The page sometimes doesn't load completely or correctly. 2. The "Use Custom Player Size" option makes the video not black out at the end when the recommendations show up and also misaligns the video progress bar when hovering over it on the 2013 layouts. 3. UI sometimes acts weird. Don't know about the others, but I really want these to be fixed.