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Branalyzer Brand’s Instant Analyzer插件简介

Analyze brand traffic and key metrics for any website, including competitors, social metrics, and backlinks…in less than a minute.

Branalyzer Chrome Extension allows you to find relevant information about each brand instantly.

The main features are:

• Brand Info. Company Name, Localization, Employees.
• Brand Traffic. Organic Traffic, Keywords, Ads…
• Seo Info. Moz DA, PA, Links, Ranks and Majestic CF, TF, Links.
• Social Info: Most relevant information on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter…
• Leads Info. Email list for each brand.
• Lists. Save the domains in favorites, in the compare list, or in custom lists.

We want it to be a very fast tool and therefore the most relevant information will be displayed. If you need to go deeper, you can do it through Branalyzer full tool.

There are ten use cases for this extension. They are as follows:

Tracking. Follow the evolution of the main metrics instantly in order to avoid having to go into multiple tools to take a quick look at the most relevant data.

Brand authority. Many times, companies will send us emails offering us incredible services. However, before assessing any proposal, it is important to analyze the data of the company offering the services. This extension allows you to do that in less than a minute.

Monitor customer data. If you are a small agency or freelance, it is important to keep an eye on the impact of your work on your brands. However, you may never find the time to do it. This extension allows you to analyze your work with a couple of clicks.

Online shopping. If you are someone who goes crazy when buying products and services online because you are not sure if they are reliable, this extension can help you. It allows you to analyze the traffic, reputation, and social networks of a company with a few clicks so that you can be more secure.

Capture leads. Find email addresses from anywhere on the web with just one click. This extension makes it easy for you to create a list of contacts or leads.

Monitor competitors- we all have competition and we need to keep an eye on their metrics. This extension allows you to do that easily.

Backlinks- get backlinks from any domain easily and affordably. You don’t need powerful but expensive tools to analyze backlinks.

Compare domains- combine the extension with Branalyzer full tool to add domains while browsing your list and analyze them later on.

Domain lists- save domains that are interesting to you in your favorites or in your personalized lists. You can create lists for anything you can think of, such as marketing companies, contracted companies, contracted services, or competitors of a client.

This extension saves you time by allowing you to do all of the above with just a few clicks.

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Es hat sehr viele Möglichkeiten, klar die Datenlage ist nicht so krass wie bei SemRush, aber für LifeTime erwarte ich das anfangs auch nicht. Bin auf die entwicklung gespannt und denke ich werde noch upgraden.


Been a user for few months and branalyzer is really great for my brand analysis. I am using it mostly for doing analysis on competitors. For example I can uncover the enigma of competitors' backlink strategies. With just a few clicks, I can unveil their backlink expenditure, conversion rates, average order values, and even their revenue. I recommend it!


En tant que membre appsumo franchement j'ai suivi le développement de l'équipe Branalyzer et cette extension chrome fait partie d'une grand amélioration demandé par la communauté. Une plateforme qui doit faire partie de l'arsenal d'un Growth hacker comme je suis et en créant mes entreprises je suis obligé de l'intégrer dans mon étude de marché technologique.Merci l'équipe Branalyzer


I've been using Branalyzer through the website and thought that already short cut the time it takes to gather brand data. With the Chrome extension, it took my efficiency to a whole new level! It's fast and I can click through the various links to get the information I'm looking for in seconds. My primary reason for using Branalyzer is for sales outreach, so my favorite features is Leads. I can quickly get real email addresses on the business. No need to verify these as they are legit, saving even more $$. The teams feature is great as well, keeping my main account secure and be able to distribute credits. I definitely recommend this for many different types of digital marketers and entrepreneurs.


Loving the recent improvements! Faster, smoother, and sleeker.


Branalyzer is an amazing tool for SEO, competitor analysis, site optimization, and more. It has a clean UI and pulls data in from a huge number of sources. Highly recommended!


This is a super simple way to get insight into websites. Not only SEO Traffic and Keyword metrics but Moz and Majestic basic scores plus backlinks, site competitors and even contact info. Love it!


Branalyzer is a great way to get useful website data quickly. It will save you a ton of time and give you good insights. Definitely recommended!


This is an impressive research tool for brand analysis, SEO metrics and more. The results are super fast and the data actionable for my clients.


A great tool for SEO and competitive analysis. I've started using Branalyzer for just a few weeks and I'm really impressed. The chrome extension is super convenient. Happy to recommend!


We were really blown away with this plugin. We typically try to limit the number of plugins on our Chrome browser (because we don't want our browser to get bogged down), but we decided to give this plugin a try. We were more than pleased with the results. There was so much rich data Branalyzer brought back so that we could evaluate information about different websites, including our competitor websites. We really like the backlink profile provided under the SEO tab within the plugin. We also have a plan with Branalyzer.com, so having this plugin is like harnessing the power of the website and brining it with you "on the go" while one does their daily activities on the internet. Thanks!


Great tool for SEO and insights. Super simple to use and the white label reports are ace.


I have had Branalyzer for a few months and it has so many features and I have found the team to be very responsive and helpful. This is a great tool and has so many features and the Chrome tool is such a handy feature when your doing you research.


Branalyzer proves to be an exceptional resource for individuals seeking to obtain valuable information about their own website or the websites of their competitors. By simply clicking a few times, this extension offers an all-inclusive summary of crucial metrics including traffic, social indicators, and backlinks.


The Branalyzer extension is an instant solution to website analysis! You can access a ton of information about any website or company with just a single click! From contact and lead details to SEO analysis, including backlinks, keywords, and competitors. This is ar personal time-saver that makes website analysis a breeze.


Great app. I only recently discovered this app and its browser extension, but I can already tell that I am amazed at the amount of data it provides. It's great for analyzing competitor websites. It gives you data like their traffic, their keyword rankings, and even their social data. The extension makes any query easy and fast. It is a perfect tool for researching websites.


Love this extension, it does exactly what is says on the tin!


Branalyzer is an exceptional Chrome extension that revolutionizes the way we analyze our competition and do SEO on the web. Got this on appsumo just in time, and then bought more codes during a sale. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive analysis, real-time features, make it an unique and awesome tool for anyone looking for a lifetime deal. The Chrome extension makes getting the info we need 10x faster while browsing around our competitors sites. I highly recommend Branalyzer to all Chrome users out there!


J'ai récemment utilisé Branalyzer pour analyser mon site web, et je dois dire que c'était une expérience fantastique. Cette plateforme a dépassé toutes mes attentes et m'a fourni des informations précieuses pour améliorer la performance de mon site. Tout d'abord, j'ai été impressionné par la facilité d'utilisation de Branalyzer. L'interface est conviviale et intuitive, ce qui m'a permis de naviguer facilement à travers les différentes fonctionnalités et rapports disponibles. Même sans être un expert en analyse de sites web, j'ai pu comprendre les données présentées et les utiliser pour optimiser mon site. Branalyzer m'a fourni des informations détaillées sur les performances de mon site, y compris des données sur le temps de chargement, les erreurs de page, les liens cassés et bien plus encore. Ces informations m'ont permis de détecter rapidement les problèmes et les lacunes de mon site, ce qui m'a permis de les corriger rapidement et d'améliorer l'expérience utilisateur. Un autre aspect que j'ai particulièrement apprécié est la fonctionnalité de suivi des concurrents de Branalyzer. J'ai pu comparer les performances de mon site avec celles de mes concurrents directs, ce qui m'a permis de mieux comprendre ma position sur le marché et d'identifier les opportunités d'amélioration. Cela m'a donné un avantage concurrentiel précieux. Enfin, je tiens à souligner le service client exceptionnel de Branalyzer. Chaque fois que j'ai eu une question ou un problème, leur équipe de support était rapide à répondre et très utile. Leur volonté de fournir une assistance personnalisée et de résoudre les problèmes rapidement a renforcé ma confiance dans cette plateforme. Branalyzer est une plateforme d'analyse de sites web exceptionnelle. Son interface conviviale, ses rapports détaillés et sa fonctionnalité de suivi des concurrents en font un outil inestimable pour les propriétaires de sites web. Je recommande vivement Branalyzer à tous ceux qui cherchent à optimiser les performances de leur site et à rester compétitifs sur le marché en ligne.


Great Tool ! I use Branalyzer to analyze and check on my competitors websites. It helps in understanding the keyword ranking, social media profiles, traffic data, etc. and its Chrome Extension is a brainier as it simplifies this task. highly recommended. Thank you