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Send web articles to Kindle by KTool插件简介


👉 Send news articles, newsletters and RSS feeds to Kindle
👉 Reduce screen time. Improve productivity.

You spend too much time on computer screens. It damages our eyesight and hurts our comprehension.

KTool helps you read everything on Kindle instead.

Less eyestrain. More focus 🧘



1. Installing this extension will add a KTool button to your Chrome browser
2. Sign up for an account (30-day free trial)
3. Click the Send to Kindle menu item on an article that you’d like to read on your Kindle.

Send long web articles to your Kindle to read later. Read anywhere: on your Kindle e-reader or the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Articles are available for offline reading once delivered to the Kindle.



✨ New: Added support for comic sites
✨ New: ADHD Reader Mode — helps you read faster by highlighting the beginning of every word of the article
✨ New: Send RSS feeds to Kindle automatically (premium feature)
✨ New: Forward email newsletters to Kindle automatically (premium feature)
✅ Send PDF, Markdown & DOCX documents to Kindle (premium feature)
✅ Send Hacker News discussions to Kindle
✅ On-demand article conversion using Kindle’s built-in web browser
✅ Automatically import devices from Amazon.com
✅ Dark Mode
✅ Send ebooks on Standard Ebooks to Kindle
✅ Send Wikipedia articles to Kindle
✅ Preview the article before sending
✅ Browse and search send history
✅ Speedy delivery to your Kindle
✅ Image support
✅ Emoji support
✅ Keyboard short-cut support
✅ Send Twitter thread to Kindle
✅ Send email newsletters to Kindle

KTool can send to the following devices:

✅ Kindle e-readers sold by Amazon
✅ Android Kindle app
✅ iPhone/iPad Kindle app



✅ FREE accounts can send 20 articles per month

Please check https://ktool.io/pricing for details



KTool: https://ktool.io
Support: daniel (at) podzim.co
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ktool_io



This extension does not do anything unless you click the Send to Kindle button. We do not monitor or inject any scripts into your pages while you browse.

When you click the Kindle icon, this extension sends the contents of the page and its URL to the KTool service. The KTool service then packages the contents into a reader-ready format and delivers it to your Kindle.

Content which you process with the KTool service will be cached on the server for a short period.

More information on our privacy page: https://ktool.io/privacy. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Scam just 30 days trial


It makes Kindle so much more useful and keeps getting better. I have been using my Kindle so much more and love how you can generate your own magazines with a tidy table of contents, estimated read times etc. It's a must have for any Kindle user that wants to consume more content away from screens.


What a ingenious product. Reading newsletters on kindle with clean interfaces.




Todo OK


So much easier than having to download stuff, change it to PDF or mobi, and then email to Kindle. This is a great extension! I'm actually using my Kindle more for useful stuff these days.


Been using this for a few months, really solid replacement for Amazon's send-to-kindle, with a lot of potential for extra features.


This is how send to Kindle should be done. Must have for anyone with a Kindle.


This is an app which help solve the problem of limited use case for Kindle and distraction when reading on computer. Beside it has a very organic business model, love it


Makes the Kindle great again. I stumbled upon this little tool and now I simply love how it works. If you can, support Daniel (the creator)!


I always had dozens of articles to read and never really wanted to read them on the phone or the computer. Now I send them to the kindle and it's a real pleasure to document myself while disconnecting from screens.


One click and I can read articles from the web on my Kindle? This extension made me so productive. Good bye long list of open tabs and hello Kindle! Would recommend this to everyone with a Kindle.


Stop leaving tabs on your phone. Stop spending time on your phone "because that is where the good content is"! In one click.


Helps me use my kindle even more, thanks!


This is a must have tool for anyone with a Kindle. It encourages me to start my reading habit again. Great job!!


This tool is so simple but so perfect. If you have a kindle and love reading blog articles, but don't want to spend hours starring at your laptop or mobile you need this. Any article can instantly be sent to your kindle to read at a later time. I now save a few articles in the day as I come across them to read in the evening. I love it. Thanks Ktool.io


Love it! The most straightforward way to send online article to your Kindle!


Nice wrapper for ktool.io as a Chrome extension. Just one click away from getting the current website you're viewing on your Kindle, can't be easier. No more switching pages and manual operation! Preview feature doesn't work for now but not a big deal. Hopefully there will have an option to mark multiple sites for sending in batches to save time and a way to send all bookmarked sites as well 🤗