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Simple Web Scraper插件简介

This tool is for bulk checking the values of multiple web page META tags, JavaScript variables and functions, Google Analytics function parameters, etc. at once.
It is also possible to customize the tag to be checked and the function name / variable name.
The results can be downloaded in CSV.

[check items]

– title
– h1
– meta[name=”robots”]
– link[rel=”canonical”]
– link[rel=”alternate”]
– meta[name=”keywords”]
– meta[name=”description”]
– h1
– script[type=”application/ld+json”]

[About customizing check items]

Tags and attributes to be checked are freely customizable.

In addition to meta tags, you can also specify the value of any HTML tag, such as bread crumbs, or the value of an attribute. Please set according to the markup rules of each site.

The values of Java Script variables and function names can also be set as acquisition targets.

Since the page is opened once in the browser and then the HTML is checked, the tags drawn in the tag manager are also checked.

[about privacy]

– Traffic data of the application is analyzed via GoogleAnalytics.

– The check results and registered configuration data are not sent to third parties.

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