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Connect The Dots reveals unseen relationships and hidden connections that help sellers sell.

As you browse LinkedIn, Gmail, or Salesforce, open the extension to see:
– A relationship map of who really knows who
– Go into every call 10x smarter with context to warm up the conversation
– Break into target accounts and multi-thread deals
– Ask for insight, influence, or an introduction in seconds

Connect The Dots is your supergraph, giving you superpowers.
– It’s your LinkedIn, email, and coworker’s networks, all in one search
– Pull up a contact and see all your friends that worked with them
– Use 3rd degree to see who your connections can help you reach
– Create and manage lists of people and companies
– Leverage smart email templates and draft on behalf

Learn more at https://ctd.ai.

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This product is incredibly helpful to see who you're actually connected to!


This extension saved me a lot of time. It is a whole new level of contact search!


This is such great extension! It helped me a lot in finding my contacts on linkedin and making my connections stronger!


This helps a ton by giving me simultaneous access to my LinkedIn network as well as to all the data in my emails. It does wonders for networking!


This extension is great for browsing people and companies as it shows information from both LinkedIn and my emails. Very useful.


Love it. When I'm checking out people of interest at LinkedIn, it enables me to see who of my contacts can give me a warm introduction to these people. And if I already know someone, it gives me additional context - how well we know each other, when was the last time we talked, where are they know (company and role). Pure gold.


I like the fact that with the help of Connect The Dots it shows me who my potential contacts are at any given company, and who can make that introduction. Both very interesting and very useful!


I love this extension. It is incredibly useful to see a unified view of all the contacts and companies I've communicated with over the years. It's especially valuable for weak connections, because it provides quick context on how I know them.


Great extension. It provides a lot of useful info about my contacts I've worked with in the past. It also saves a lot of time.


Awesome extension. It saves me a lot of time. Great addition to Connect The Dots app.


It’s the best of both worlds. All the network insight from LinkedIn AND insights from all your email activity, across all my accounts. I've never had a better, more consolidated view of all my contacts and companies I've worked with over the years. Saves me hours of digging every week - heck, sometimes in a day.


Great view of all my contacts and companies I've worked with over the years. Incredibly valuable and useful!


This extension is incredibly valuable - I immediately found connections to accounts that were not visible on Linkedin.


Very useful, saves me a lot of time while recruiting & networking. Additional context i get when browsing people and companies is awesome!


It's amazing to have all the insight from Connect The Dots right there in context. On LinkedIn you might be connected to two or three people at a company, but it often turns out you’ve engaged a bunch of other folks over email.


I love the fact that you can quickly surface a unified view of all your email history with a contact super quick. It’s really valuable to see when you last connected and what you talked about.