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Docs Hotkey插件简介

Docs Hotkey allows for complex hotkey setups with simple configuration. Hotkeys can be set up to do the following:
– Highlight in any color
– Bold
– Underline
– Italicize
– Change text color
– Change fonts
– Change font size
– Set heading type (e.g., Heading 1, Normal Text, Title)
– Change alignment and indentation
– Clear all styles (and remove specific styles)
– Execute add-ons

A single hotkey can be configured to do several of these at once.

Docs Hotkey was originally created solely for the addition of a highlight shortcut, but it has since expanded to many others. If you need a shortcut for something that is not available, feel free to contact me. This extension also works for the teacher view of assignments in Google Claoom.

Documentation: https://docs-hotkey.zackmurry.com

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This was almost perfect but we need indent editing shortcut pleaseeee


This has to be one of the top extensions. Found diamonds 👍


One of the rare treasures. Helpful, functional, simply, understandable, working.


I used this article for instructions in setting it up: https://appsthatdeliver.com/app-tutorials/google-docs/google-docs-highlight-shortcut/. It works really well so far!


You are a life saver! Thank you so much. This literally saved me 1000's of clicks and lot of time.


AMAZING. I've been wishing for a highlighting keyboard shortcut for so long. Works perfectly, once I got Chrome's Extension Shortcuts to actually save my shortcut. For some reason it wouldn't accept the shortcut I originally wanted, so I just tried another.


이런 리뷰 잘 안쓰는데... 구글문서 형광펜 쓸 때마다 단축키 마려웠는데.. 정말 좋다. 여기 들어가서, 단축키를 내가 편한 것으로 세팅하면 더 편리함. 예를 들어, 1번 하이라이트로 하고, ctrl+shift+d로 하면 편함 h는 키보드가 너무 멀어서 불편해서 바꾸니까 개편함. chrome://extensions/shortcuts


Works perfectly and an absolute gem of a tool! I used it to easily highlight and change the text colors of my notes in google docs, and once everything was all set up, it worked like a charm! Google Docs is so terrible with how they hide formatting behind so many layers AND don't let you make custom shortcuts; this completely solved this issue and made my life a whole lot easier! (Zack if you see this maybe you can consider making this available for Firefox as well :) That would really make my day because I recently moved over there and miss this extension dearly)


Highlighting godsend


It is being of great help to me. Thanks Dev!


This extension SAVED ME in grad school!!! More people need to know about this. It makes taking notes so much easier on Google Docs and the creator is super nice and very responsive --> I asked him if it were possible to add a way to change text color and he had updated it with in 24 hours. YOU NEED THIS!!


Honestly perfect.


Very very useful


great for debate!!