Manage multiple accounts on your favourite website from single browser. Log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. No more need for secondary browsers and incognito mode to access two account simultaneously, let Sendwin handle these for you.

Sendwin can be used for free as guest user. For registered users, your sessions are securely synchronised between different browser by using your Sendwin.

Sendwin is a platform with many login options. Sendwin allows you to log into several accounts on the same website at the same time without disclosing your password. There is no longer any need for alternative browsers, numerous tabs, Saved sessions, and unsaved sessions.

For Version updates check – https://latest.send.win/announcements


A simple Session manager that syncs ..
A simple Session manager that syncs across your PCs With Session Manager you'll be able to group and save your tabs into multiple sessions. This not only improves your productivity..
Multiaccount Расширение позволяет создавать профили в браузере, прописать к каждому проф..
Multiaccount Расширение позволяет создавать профили в браузере, прописать к каждому профилю свои прокси, присвоить свою локацию и системное время. Так же к каждому профили куки для..
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Store & Manage multiple cookie profiles per domain. Cookie Profile Switcher allows you to easily manage multiple cookie sessions for all of your websites! No more logging out &..
A new, unique session for every tab ..
A new, unique session for every tab opened. With this extension enabled, each tab will have a unique session. This is particularly useful for software testers or those with a large..
ProTABS是一款智能选项卡管理器,旨在使您的生活更轻松。当处理大量的标签时,它特别有用,使您能够更有效地工作和浏览。 ProTABS有效地取代了许多其他的扩展,如树标签,标..
ProTABS是一款智能选项卡管理器,旨在使您的生活更轻松。当处理大量的标签时,它特别有用,使您能够更有效地工作和浏览。 ProTABS有效地取代了许多其他的扩展,如树标签,标签吊杆,标签回收器等,并使许多强大的工作流程,如: ▶固定您经常使用的标签 (如电子邮件!),这样你就可以快速地参考它们,并看到任何通知一目了然。 ▶从您的选项卡和窗口创建组,以按主题..
保存并恢复您的浏览器会话。 自动保存、多个会话等等
使用此选项卡管理器,您可以将选项卡分组到会话中。 任何更改都会自动保存。 需要时关闭并恢复。 - 多个活动会话 - 会话窗口的持续大小和位置 - 会话中的多个窗口(您可以从活动会话中拖出选项卡) - 自动保存 - 标签 - 选项卡组 - 隐身模式(应明确允许扩展) - 搜索 - 导出/导入(html 文档) - 选项卡导航/关闭 演示:https://you..
Using websites with multiple accounts at the same time is made easy. Create an independent tab with a click of a button.
This plugin makes it very easy to use multiple accounts on the same site at the same time. Simply click on the plugin icon and go to the site in the created tab of the browser. Rel..
如果您经常打开许多窗口,并且希望可以关闭其中一些窗口而不丢失其任何选项卡,则找到了正确的扩展名。 每个窗口都可以保存为单独的会话,对选项卡的任何更改都将自动保存,以便您可以随时..
如果您经常打开许多窗口,并且希望可以关闭其中一些窗口而不丢失其任何选项卡,则找到了正确的扩展名。 每个窗口都可以保存为单独的会话,对选项卡的任何更改都将自动保存,以便您可以随时关闭任何窗口,只需单击两下即可重新打开。 会话可以重命名和删除。 如果当前窗口是保存的会话,则会显示一个计数器,显示其中打开的选项卡数
使用一个浏览器来浏览每个站点的多个活动会话。在同一网站同时登录多个帐户。无需备用浏览器,支持私密会话,让SessionBox为您处理这些事务。 利用SessionBox帐户,您的会话将在您的设备之间安全同步。在这里启动一个会话,然后在任何其他Chrome浏览器中继续浏览。 保护您的隐私。SessionBox管理的标签不使用共享存储,变量通过扩展程序处理。因此..
Switch between multiple Google (incl..
Switch between multiple Google (including Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc), Facebook, Twitter and Reddit accounts in one single click! Are you tired of constantly logging in and out of ..
Hoteloogle 是一个独特的免费酒店搜索引擎。安装 Hoteloogle 应用,可以比较所有主要酒店预订网站的住宿价格。 通过使用 Hoteloogle,旅行者再也不用一个接一个地搜索旅行网站,以寻找最优惠的条件及最低的价格。搜索一次,一旦您找到您所选定酒店的最低价格,我们将通过链接将您引导至酒店网站,然后您可以直接在该网站上预订。 Hoteloogl..
MozBar from Moz
The all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go. MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP. -Create custom searches by engine, country, region, or city. -Qu..
Suffolk Libraries printing FtoI..
Suffolk Libraries printing FtoI..
This extension guarantees availability of inWebo One-Time Passwords generators in any circumstances
Helium Backup is a software developed by inWebo Technologies. It allows you to maintain inWebo Cloud Tokens (inWebo Helium and inWebo Virtual Authenticator) in your browser, even a..
Simple tool that collects all Google..
Simple tool that collects all Google Apps script files in one spreadsheetCreates the spreadsheet in your Google Drive Simple tool that collects all Google Apps script files in one ..
Quickly and conveniently manage your open tabs
Tab Manager v2 helps you to manage tabs efficiently. v1.16.0 supports history search! Please accept the permission. It supports: - Drag to reorder or move tabs between windows - Se..
A dark mode extension for the popular program SmartSheet.
A dark mode extension for the popular program SmartSheet. Tired of burning your eyes while navigating and modifying sheets? Well now you can avoid the pain with Darksheet, a dark m..
FREE tool to find long tail keywords quickly and easily. Brought to you by SeoStack
Powerful keyword research tool to boost your seo and content marketing. This is fast and easy to use long tail keyword generator tool. It can generate 1000s of low competition, lon..
Ekologiska livsmedel till alla! Denn..
Ekologiska livsmedel till alla! Denna app ger dig enkel tillgång till vår webshop från Chromeom du handlar ofta ska du så klart ha en enkel väg in!
Transcreen 是一款投屏发送专用软件,能够把Chrome桌面发送到接收端,实现实时镜像功能。
Transcreen 是一款投屏发送专用软件,能够把Chrome桌面发送到接收端,实现实时镜像功能。





doesnt let me connect to my proxy


I recently had a disappointing experience with the add-on in question. The owner claims on their website that money can be recovered within 30 days, but I found their support to be non-responsive. To make matters worse, I noticed that all of my reviews and comments on various communication sites were being deleted, which raises concerns about the owner's honesty and integrity.


One of the primary issues I encountered was that the add-on failed to deliver on its promises. Despite the claims of working with 90% of websites, I found that it was ineffective on most platforms I tried. This lack of functionality was a major letdown and did not meet my expectations based on the information provided.


When I reached out for assistance or clarification regarding the add-on's functionality, my queries went unanswered. This lack of communication left me feeling frustrated and unsupported as a customer.


Avoid this add-on at all costs! It's a complete waste of time and money. Not only does it fail to deliver on its promises, but the support team is completely unresponsive. I tried using it on multiple websites, and it didn't work on any of them. Save yourself the frustration and look for a more reliable solution.


I regret purchasing this add-on. It is incredibly unreliable and inconsistent. It claims to be compatible with a wide range of websites, but in reality, it couldn't even handle basic tasks on the few sites I tested it on. The lack of functionality is simply unacceptable, and the fact that the support team ignores all inquiries makes it even worse.


I had high hopes for this add-on, but it turned out to be a total disappointment. It consistently crashed my browser and caused other extensions to malfunction. On top of that, the promised money recovery within 30 days is nothing but a false claim. The owner's deceptive behavior, deleting negative reviews, speaks volumes about their integrity. Stay away from this add-on if you value your time and sanity.


This add-on is a scam, plain and simple. It promises to recover your money within 30 days, but in reality, it fails to deliver any results. The lack of transparency and accountability from the owner is evident in their deletion of negative comments and reviews. Don't fall for their false claims and misleading marketing tactics.


I wish I could give this add-on zero stars. It is the epitome of incompetence and deceit. Not only does it have a ridiculously low success rate on websites, but the support team is nonexistent. I tried reaching out for assistance multiple times and received zero responses. It's clear that this add-on is a sham, and its owner is more interested in hiding negative feedback than improving their product.


I made the mistake of using SendWin, and it was a nightmare. The add-on not only failed to recover my money as promised, but it also raised serious security concerns. I decided to switch to SessionBox, despite its higher price, and I'm so glad I did. SessionBox offers a reliable and secure solution for managing multiple sessions, and the peace of mind it provides is worth every penny.


SendWin turned out to be a complete disappointment. It didn't live up to its claims, and the lack of support was frustrating. I decided to give SessionBox a try, despite its higher cost, and I can confidently say that it's worth the investment. SessionBox offers seamless session management across different websites, advanced customization options, and excellent customer support. Don't waste your time with SendWin; go for SessionBox instead.


I was initially drawn to SendWin due to its promised money recovery feature, but it turned out to be a false claim. The lack of support and the owner's deceptive behavior made me lose trust in the add-on. I decided to switch to SessionBox, and although it's pricier, it's worth every penny. SessionBox provides a robust and secure solution for managing multiple sessions, and their responsive support team ensures a smooth experience. Don't compromise on quality; choose SessionBox over SendWin.


Using SendWin was a frustrating experience from start to finish. It was unreliable, ineffective, and the owner's behavior indicated a lack of integrity. I decided to invest in SessionBox, despite the higher cost, and I haven't looked back since. SessionBox offers a seamless session management solution with advanced features and regular updates. The added peace of mind and enhanced productivity make it well worth the extra expense.


Save yourself the trouble and avoid SendWin. It's a subpar add-on with misleading claims and unresponsive support. Instead, invest in SessionBox, even though it's pricier. I switched to SessionBox and immediately noticed the difference. The level of control and convenience it offers is unmatched. With reliable session management and top-notch customer support, SessionBox justifies the higher price tag and provides an excellent user experience.


After a frustrating experience with SendWin, I stumbled upon SessionBox, and I must say it's worth every penny. Unlike SendWin, SessionBox provides a seamless and secure browsing experience. It allows me to manage multiple sessions effortlessly, keeping my work organized and productive. Although it comes with a higher price tag, the reliability and advanced features of SessionBox make it a worthwhile investment.


I cannot stress enough how much I regret wasting my time and money on SendWin. It was clunky, unreliable, and failed to meet my expectations. However, I discovered SessionBox as a more expensive but significantly superior alternative. With SessionBox, I finally found a reliable session management tool that allows me to switch between multiple accounts and websites smoothly. It's a game-changer and well worth the investment for anyone serious about efficient browsing.


Its very good, working fine


Best Mutli-login extension in chrome! Once start using it, its addictive!


Love it!


Best extension to manage multiple accounts