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Save time. Add LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to Notion, with just one click. People to Notion lets you use Notion as a CRM, from LinkedIn to Notion automatically. Get the company, location, job title, and profile picture saved in your Notion database.

☑️ Automate

Automate the copy/pasting. Boost your productivity with our 1-click extension. Use our CRM template to get started even faster.
CRM in Notion:
Replace expensive Linkedin Sales Navigator, Hubspot, and other expensive CRMs.
Use Notion for everything. Manage your leads, prospects, and contacts with Notion’s kanban or board views.

☑️ Email finder (coming soon)

Improve performance. Get a contact’s email address and phone number directly in Notion with a click. This is ideal for your Sales team.

☑️ Get started

People to Notion requires a Notion and LinkedIn account or Twitter account.

People to Notion is not an official Notion or Linkedin / Twitter tool. Once you download our extension, you’ll be able to connect your chosen Notion database.

You have up to 100 free credits per month to save profiles.
Any question? Let us know at [email protected]

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