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Custom Cursor插件简介

A custom cursor chrome extension improves the readability and draws the attention of the user to a particular part of the webpage. Custom mouse pointer also enhances your Chrome browsing experience.

You can find many different cursors in our collection, divided according to different categories:

You can select any mouse icon from our large collection of different cursors like
>>Hand cursor
>>Spiderman, Hulk, Black Panther, Capt. America cursor
>>Iron man face and hand cursor
>>Cool cursor & Many More

***After installing the custom cursor changer extension, you need to refresh the current page to use the custom pointer extension.

Please note that, according to Google policies, custom mouse pointers cannot be functional on the Chrome web store and internal pages of Google. After installing the extension, please visit any other website or webpage.

Enjoy web browsing with our perfectly designed custom cursors. Once you install the custom mouse pointer chrome extension, you can select any cursor from our cursor library.

Bright and beautiful mouse pointers on webpages will show your personality & personality. Now you don’t need the same boring cursors that have been displayed for so many years. You can now change the boring mouse pointer to cool custom cursors.

The brightly designed custom mouse pointers are very easy to identify on the screen, so use any custom cursor from our large collection and you won’t ever lose the mouse arrow while browsing the web page.

Version 0.0.1
>> Added support for different colours of custom cursors
>> Enabled superhero icons for custom mouse pointers
>> One click select with power off or on buttons

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my pc says it viruse im scared plese tell me its not