Save bookmarks to your start page on a unique hexagonal grid. hexagonTab keeps the new tab page clean and simple with a focus on presenting links to your most frequented sites.

hexagonTab does NOT collect or use your personal or browser data in any way.


Add motion blur to your cursor
An open-source project that adds cursor motion blur effect to your Google Chrome browser. After you toggle the extension to "ON", the effect will be present in any website, as long..
A modern look for Chromium's scrollb..
A modern look for Chromium's scrollbar. Compatible with light and dark mode. Have a nice, thin, modern scrollbar. The modern scrollbar works with the dark mode of most websites. Th..
The cutest Discord mod now in your browser
Vencord is a modification for discord.com that adds plugins and custom styles, blocks Discord's tracking and more! For support or any questions, join our official support server: h..
WebExtension for Motrix download manager
WebExtension for Motrix download manager This WebExtension allows you to automatically download all the files via Motrix Download Manager instead of your browser's native download ..
Replace your new-tab page and home p..
Replace your new-tab page and home page with your bookmarks. No ads, no speed dials, no frequently visited or other "frecency" bullshit! Just your own, predictable grid of links.
A neutral new tab page accented with a chosen colour. Customise the layout, style, background and bookmarks in nightTab.
Features: - Display the time, date and a search bar in the header. - Present any number of bookmark tiles organised in groups. - Customise the layout, background image or video, th..
与雨量计的WebNowPlaying插件一起使用。允许Rainmeter从许多网站获取音乐信息,如标题、艺术家、唱片集和唱片集。现在还支持完整的播放控制,如搜索,播放暂停,跳过,等等! 支持的站点列表: Youtube(新的和旧的布局) Youtube音乐 Soundcloud Google Play音乐 Amazon音乐 Pandora Spotify T..
A minimal newtab for chrome Minim is..
A minimal newtab for chrome Minim is a simple new tab page for minimalists. It's light weight, with widget support. Try before you install it: https://avinayak.github.io/minim/ * C..
Personalized experience on new tabs ..
Personalized experience on new tabs for better productivity Subtle tab gives rejoicing experience to relieve stress and distractions with vibrant and eye soothing wallpapers. It ke..
新选项卡允许您在打开时看到模拟时钟。您可以使用它与8时钟主题。 主题的灵感来自于星系和轨道。 这与爱做的延伸! 设计师: https://twitter.com/guvenso..
新选项卡允许您在打开时看到模拟时钟。您可以使用它与8时钟主题。 主题的灵感来自于星系和轨道。 这与爱做的延伸! 设计师: https://twitter.com/guvensozmen 开发人员: https://twitter.com/zeyneppozdem 关注并反馈给我们。
The ultimate browser extension for accessing Chatgpt 聊天gpt
Introducing Superpowers for ChatGPTthe ultimate browser extension for better chat experience. Key Features: • Effortlessly access ChatGPT by simply clicking on the icon in your bro..
VideoStudio 视频编辑器在线使用任何视频、音频、图像和文本创建和编辑视频
會是一个视频编辑器, 允许您使用文件的组合创建和编辑视频: 视频, 音频, 图像和文本。它是基于 mozilla PopcornMaker, 它可以处理 MP4, MP3, gif, png, jpg 和文本文件。PopcornMaker 可以处理一些地方的声音或视频, 如来自 youtube、vimeo 或 SoundCloud 的视频。不过, 會已删除任..
Simply share CSS colors from text selections, images or websites using Colorpeek.
Colorpeek is a tiny web app for quickly seeing and sharing CSS colors. The extension can parse colors from three different sources: 1. Text selections (hex values you received in a..
微度新标签页是一款基于Html5的Chrome浏览器扩展应用。它提供了网站快速拨号、扩展应用快捷访问、网站云添加、数据云备份等功能来增强 Chrome 原生新标签页(New T..
微度新标签页是一款基于Html5的Chrome浏览器扩展应用。它提供了网站快速拨号、扩展应用快捷访问、网站云添加、数据云备份等功能来增强 Chrome 原生新标签页(New Tab) 微度新标签页是一款基于Html5的Chrome浏览器扩展应用。它提供了网站快速拨号、扩展应用快捷访问方式、网站云添加、数据云备份等功能来增强 Chrome 原生新标签页(New..
L'applicazione web per la redazione ..
L'applicazione web per la redazione delle deduzioni di udienza nell'era del PCT Note di udienza è un'applicazione web per la redazione delle deduzioni difensive degli avvocati fina..
Norton Safe Web provides protection from online threats while you browse the web.
"Norton Safe Web 会在您在线搜索、购物或浏览时发出危险站点警告,从而帮助您防范身份盗用和在线欺诈。 Norton Safe Web 通过查询 Norton 的远程 URL 信誉服务来为您加载的每个页面提供安全信息,该服务会定期更新最新的威胁情报。 Norton Safe Web 可自动阻止恶意页面和下载,为您提供安全的在线体验。 为了在扩展程..
A smart tool for scrape email address and phone number from Facebook groups members, fans page followers, and friends by friends.
Extract details of FB group members and page feed's Commentors / Likers to find their verified professional email address and even mobile phone. This tool helps you find 2% to 30% ..
YouTube 视频旁边展示 ChatGPT 摘要
Use ChatGPT's AI capability to quickly summarize the key points of a video. Improve the efficiency of obtaining important information from videos and reduce the risk of wasting tim..
Easily take notes to your RemNote account, from any webpage!
Easily take spaced-repetition notes on any webpage with the RemNote extension. 1) To save a URL to a "Links" folder, click on the extension icon. 2) Take quick notes on an open web..
VK Tik-Tok Instagram video downloader also vimeo, facebook, yandex music, dailymotion, deezer, spotify
VK Tik-Tok Instagram video downloader also vimeo, facebook, yandex music, dailymotion, deezer, spotify 非常容易的擴展,使您能夠: *從VK,Tik-Tok,Instagram,vimeo,facebook下載視頻 *從yandex音樂,dailymotio..





Good but with an annoying glich. So when I am editing a bookmark, the text field sometimes won't be recongnised by pointer, and if I click that it just close the bookmark edit page, which mean that I have to start over again. It took me a few mins to figure it out what was happenning, please fix it, thank you!