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Copy To Notion插件简介

Here to assist you in remembering everything and keep track of your web clips by saving and organizing them into Notion.

💡 Features:
✅ Save to Notion pages and databases
✅ Easily capture Highlights and Screenshots
✅ Clip link is automatically saved for later access
✅ Link saved for highlights, scrolls and highlights the saved text
✅ Bookmark URLs or Embed them in your pages
✅ Save URLs with accompanying notes
✅ Choose under which block to save your clips
✅ Store and search through multiple Notion workspaces
✅ Right click to save an image directly into Notion
✅ Use the power of shortcuts for quick notes, screenshots and bookmarks
✅ Capture and save full screenshots to Notion

👥 Copy to Notion is perfect for:
✅ Research and information gathering
✅ Streamlining report creation
✅ Taking and saving notes from websites
✅ Keeping track of saved URLs
✅ Screenshot enthusiasts
✅ Gathering inspiration, course notes, and more

Have any feedback, questions, or need to report a bug?
Feedback: https://copytonotion.com/feedback
Contact: [email protected]

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The best Notion web clipper I used, it keeps text formatting and saves URL to text 😍


So I tried then "free" version and I did not recall reading in the description about the crippling limit to how much text it would capture at once: 2000 characters. Really? Uninstalling this trash.


Amazing! Appreciate the app. It is even better than Notion official (they should pay you boatload of money!). Keep up the good work.


This is a great extension. It makes it easy to save screenshots as well as whole pages to notion. Thankyou !


Super simple extension for Notion, I can now save any text, screenshot and url's to Notion instantly. My team can then copy paste, schedule and post to their projects quickly and easily.


Great extension that makes adding things to my Notion inbox with ease. Great work! Also, is this Open Sourced? I'm willing to help