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This free Chrome extension allows you to find email addresses from any website or company. With our email finder, you can also find email addresses by name or directly from any LinkedIn profile. It comes with an exclusive email verification system for accurately detecting verified email addresses.

✔️ Email Finder: Get email addresses from first/last name and a company name/domain. Uncover the email of any professional in seconds. This user-friendly tool helps you make the most of your prospecting efforts, unveiling contacts that elevate your networking game.

✔️ Sales Navigator Export: This cloud-based feature extracts leads from Sales Navigator, giving you more email contacts than any of our competitors. Export to CSV/EXCEL in the format you prefer and make lead generation a breeze.

✔️ Domain Search: Hunt down unique email addresses linked to any website or domain. With our cutting-edge search algorithms, find emails not accessible elsewhere and boost your outreach campaigns.

✔️ Email Verification: Say goodbye to bounced emails with our ultra-accurate email verification system. We also recover catch-all emails, ensuring maximum delivery rates for your campaigns. We verify emails that others can’t, guaranteeing you exclusive and accurate email addresses, with clean results.

✔️ LinkedIn Email Finder: Find email from LinkedIn profile in just one click, in seconds, with our deep email finding algorithm.

Experience a revolution in lead generation and email prospecting. Find emails of the right people, save time, and take your business to the next level with our user-friendly Chrome extension.

✅ Start your free trial now and get 75 credits per month, forever!

If you have any questions about Prospeo, the best email finder tool, feel free to contact us at contact@prospeo.io.


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Hunting down business emails has always been a drag but Prospeo makes it super easy and quick. It’s like having a magic wand that pulls out email addresses from thin air. And the pricing? It’s a steal for the time and hassle it saves.


Really helpful plugin to get the email quickly. Really loved the overall UI and functionality.


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A great extension for searching emails on any website. It's easy to find email addresses by name or directly from any LinkedIn profile. This extension was very helpful for me. Thank you so much.


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