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Flappy Bird Offline. Desktop Version插件简介

Play flappy bird game here online for free.

It is an iconic side-scrolling game where you click to avoid obstacles. It was originally released as a mobile game then discontinued by its developer. Today, you can play this simple but addictive one-button game on the web.

Flappy Bird’s gameplay is best described as simple, addictive, yet mildly infuriating. Tap to raise the bird up and carefully get it through the pipes without crashing. When you fail, you’ll get a high score, and you’ll want to do it all over again to try and outdo your previous self.
Play it on the web – only

Flappy Bird was part of an early revolution in hypercasual mobile games. Plenty of simple one-button and side-scrolling games have been released since its inception!

– Incredibly simple mechanics
– Frustrating but addictive
– High score tracking

5 stars for Classic Flappy Bird game appreciated.

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Extension to Enhance your Experience..
Extension to Enhance your Experience on Esportal! Enhance the Experience you have at Esportal by using this fully Open Source Extention! Current Features: Auto Accept Matchmaking! ..

Flappy Bird Offline. Desktop Version插件下载




Dummy Thic Hit Boxes!


love it


The metronome is a great feature for helping you keep time.


Easy to use. Just install the extension and click on the Game Button icon in your browser toolbar to access the games.


love it


the bird didn't touch the thing but it made me die


Great but hitbox is too big and it's too easy to die.


very bad and hitboxes are bad


i like this game and so much fun. Great extension.


This extension is very cool! However this is a clone of our extension without any changes or credits, which is less cool :(


I am disappointed to find that this extension appears to be a direct copy of a legitimate extension, with no effort made to differentiate it in any meaningful way. The interface and features are almost identical, and it's clear that the developer has simply copied the code without adding any original elements. It's concerning that this extension is available on the Chrome Web Store, as it may contain malicious code or other security risks. As users, we rely on the trustworthiness of extension developers to ensure our safety and security online. I strongly advise other users to be cautious when downloading this extension or any others that appear to be copies of legitimate software. It's always best to stick with reputable developers and do your research before installing any new software. In my opinion, the lack of originality and effort put into this extension is a poor reflection on the developer. I hope that the Chrome Web Store takes action to remove this potentially harmful extension from their platform.


i liked it very much , it is very efficient


It is an AMAZING game in all, but the hitboxes are a bit big, and the pipes are a bit too close together, but other than that it's a great extension, i'm not a bot and i recommend adding the extension. IF YOU THINK IM A BOT AM NOT


This is the best I have used so far


Great extension - works very well indeed.


i always loved the game good times but now let the raging comense


Its pretty fun but I just keep dying from 1-2 pixels away from the pipe so it is pretty hard :/


this game is very good and simple. I love the easy mode because I can use it to trick my friends into thinking im good at the game


its was nice i really liked it!


Great extension. Just love to use this one