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Simplehuman, supercharged shortcuts for Gmail插件简介

Simplehuman sits inside Gmail and supercharges keyboard shortcuts to make you faster at email.

Use simpler keyboard shortcuts to navigate through email, archive, delete, switch between email in almost flow-state speeds. It brings the Superhuman shortcut experience right inside Gmail, without costing your $30/month.

Reach inbox zero or inbox read. Whatever your style, Simplehuman simply works. Say hello to a faster, healthier relationship with your email.

This extension requires enabling keyboard shortcuts in Gmail Settings before use.

1. Superhuman shortcuts right inside Gmail – Esc, Snooze, Command+K, RSVP, Open Links
A simpler and affordable alternative to Superhuman. This extensions adds the same shortcuts and workflows that you love and have gotten used to. Extra handy for times you *have* to use Gmail or if you are looking to stop using Superhuman, but your shortcut muscle memory still wants to use the same shortcuts.

2. Command Center for emails – Cmd+K or Ctrl+K
All your email actions – mark read/unread, report spam, archive, add label, compose etc available in an easy to use command bar. You wouldn’t need to use your mouse again (mostly). An alternative to Superhuman, if you will.

3. Nudges to learn keyboard shortcuts
Whenever you use your mouse, Simplehuman gently prompts you with the keyboard shortcut that you could have use instead. Migrate to using shortcuts at your own pace.

4. Quick navigation through your email
Jumping between your Inbox, Sent, Drafts, or Folders is now an easy to use command with Simplehuman. Hit `Esc` to go back to the previous screen from wherever you are. You don’t need a $30/month app to give you shortcuts when Gmail already has them 😉

5. Quick actions for Opening links, RSVP, Unsubscribe, and attachments
RSVP to calendar invites, open attachments or links, or unsubscribe from those pesky emails using the Command Center.

6. Browser extension that works everywhere
Works on all popular browsers. You can continue using extensions like Grammarly, Streak, and Mixmax while being faster at email.

Email is heavy, hard, and plenty. But email does not have to be a pain or expensive. Mastery over your email is the quickest way to a healthier relationship with it, and Simplehuman will get you there.

Better productivity awaits!

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Simplehuman, supercharged shortcuts for Gmail插件下载




This is aweeeeesome. It massively speeds up and simplifies usage of GMail. The original shortcuts are so unintuitive, and this levels up the whole experience massively. Great pricepoint too, and the developer is super active and amazing at feedback and improvements.


Love it! This extension helps me fly through my emails so I can get out of my inbox and back to revenue producing work. And great support! I had a few questions when I was getting started which they answered swiftly - even on a weekend!


Saving me $30 / month! Amazing


Great plugin, amazing with shortcuts.


Working everyday with Gmail and scrolling through hundreds of emails, this extension saved a lot of time for me. Such a simple yet amazing idea. And the developers really listen to their community and continously improve the extension and constantly add new features. Congrats for this! SimpleHuman is a must!


Bye bye superhuman!


This is awesome. Saves me $30 a month 😂 Thank you!


Simplehuman has significantly boosted my productivity! The best part is that the team keeps launching new improvements and covers shortcuts that are not offered by Gmail too! Love it, 10/10, must have.


This extension made my life infinitely easier. It just makes Gmail so much more efficient, it's very surprising Google didn't think of it. I'm just glad someone did. I was thinking of shifting to Outlook because Gmail didnt have efficient keyboard shortcuts, but this is a far simpler solution! Highly recommended for anyone who reads their emails on their desktop/laptop


Loving SimpleHuman so far! Fast to learn, and I can see it saving me a lot of time!


Love the extension so far - as a previous superhuman user who is not looking to pay for it anymore, this is just too good!


Ive been beta testing this since a few weeks, I'm loving the transition from all mouse heavy email usage to mouse zero !