【图】Vimeo视频摘要ChatGPT生成-快速笔记 (中文版)(截图1)【图】Vimeo视频摘要ChatGPT生成-快速笔记 (中文版)(截图2)


Your Summary generator for Vimeo videos Chrome Extension

This AI-powered video summarizer Chrome extension is your ultimate sidekick for efficient learning through Vimeo. Unlock efficient knowledge acquisition through the power of ChatGPT, providing comprehensive Summaries and enabling you to take Notes generated from transcripts and timestamps. Explore these remarkable capabilities:

● AI Summarization: Quickly summarize videos using it to save time.
● Automated Timestamps: Easily navigate to relevant moments in video transcripts with automated timestamp links.
● Auto-Scrolling Transcripts: Enable transcripts to follow speech in videos automatically.
● Copy Features: One-click copy for transcripts, summaries, and personal notes.
● Customizable Settings: Personalize output language, prompts, text formats and more based on your needs.

With this smart video summarizer and note-taking tool, unlock the hack for faster knowledge acquisition and level up your learning efficiency now!

🚀How to Use :
● Go to the Vimeo website
● Select a video that you are interested in
● Click the “Transcript & summary” button. If subtitles exist for the video, they will be shown to you.
● If you are logged into chat.openai.com, click the View Summary with AI button to get a videos summary
● Click the “Copy” icon, then you can easily get a summary for the video

💡 Q&A
Q1: What is ChatGPT?
A1: ChatGPT is an OpenAI-developed artificial intelligence chatbot based on OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) series of large language models (LLMs). It can engage in conversations, respond to user requests, write stories, debug programming code, creative writing, and much more.

Q2: What is a video summary?
A2: A summary is an AI-generated overview of the key content within any video course available on the platform. This summary offers users insight into the video’s primary subject matter and critical details, eliminating the need to watch the entire video.

Q4: Do I need to create a OpenAI account to use this extension?
A4: Yes, you must have a account to generate video summaries. You can create a free account at chat.openai.com, where you can also locate or generate your OpenAI API key.

Vimeo is a trademark of Vimeo, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. That Chrome Extension is an independent project and has no relationship to it.


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