Expand the power of Actioner to your browser. Share your bookmarks on Slack and more!

While browsing on the web, share or save the pages that you want without any interruption. Actioner extension automatically captures the title and description of the current page. It shares the page on Slack with your team and saves to Actioner table. All it needs is just one click.

Actioner Extension cooperates with Actioner’s Bookmarks app. Connect your extension with the Bookmarks app and start sharing your pages with your teammates without any extra effort. You can search and filter your saved bookmarks and configure which channel to send the bookmarked pages.


A beautiful Google Chrome extension ..
A beautiful Google Chrome extension manager to turn on/off other extensions quickly and easily without leaving your current tab. Make useful profiles which can turn on/off multiple..
The official chrome extension for Pi..
The official chrome extension for Pinboard, the minimalist bookmarking site. Lets you save bookmarks and tab sets easily from Chrome Official extension for Pinboard, the beloved pe..
Keep your browser tabs and windows organized while surfing the internet!
Active Window helps to reduce the number of tabs open in one window, save open windows with tabs for future reuse and improve your computer performance as a result. It enhances eac..
超级简单的扩展。在所有打开的窗口中扩展chrome的“书签所有标签”功能。 单击图标,选择您的文件夹(默认情况下为ISO 8601 Short),每个窗口中的每个选项卡都被添加..
超级简单的扩展。在所有打开的窗口中扩展chrome的“书签所有标签”功能。 单击图标,选择您的文件夹(默认情况下为ISO 8601 Short),每个窗口中的每个选项卡都被添加到“其他书签”下的新文件夹中。就这样! 此扩展在github上是开源的,请参阅详细信息>网站
Open Slack in Browser, not App This ..
Open Slack in Browser, not App This extension automatically redirect to the slack link with your browser, not open slack app. Nothing more, nothing less. You don't have to download..
这是一款功能强大的书签管理器,它的样式美观、简单好用,可以提高您管理书签的效率。以下是它的核心功能: ⭐️ 模糊搜索:支持书签名称的模糊搜索,让您快速找到需要的书签。 ⭐️ 智能复制:支持智能复制书签的地址和名称,节省您的时间和精力。 ⭐️ 文件夹和书签的新建、删除、编辑、重命名:方便您对书签进行分类整理,让您的书签更加有序。 ⭐️ 页面树形展示:以树形结构..
Improve your productivity in Chrome ..
Improve your productivity in Chrome browser with quickly navigating through tabs, bookmarks or history and more. Tab Session adds super features to the Chrome browser, which allows..
- Firefox / IE-like bookmarks menu -..
- Firefox / IE-like bookmarks menu - Display bookmark trees side by side - It is configurable! - Search bookmarks when you type - Do what Bookmark manager can do and more (e.g., So..
A popup bookmark manager. Enhanced Neat Bookmarks.
A successor of NeatBookmarks, an excellent bookmark extension for Google Chrome. Migrated "AddBookmarkHere" and some new features into "NeatBookmarks". Features: 1) Bookmark curren..
Infinity新标签页 (Pro) 将原生新标签页替换为您保存的书签,并提供了多种快捷实用的功能。 安装该扩展后,您可以使用以下功能: 1.自定义您新标签页上的网站书签。在您自定义添加网站时,会自动获取该网站的标题,这需要使用“读取和更改您在所访问的网站上留存的所有数据”的权限。 2.自定义您新标签页上的壁纸。 3.自定义您新标签页上的搜索引擎 4.读取并..
The best all-in-one online screen capture, video recording and streaming software that is available for free.
Send a video message to anyone from anywhere and anytime! #SwitchToFluvid🚀 Easy to use screen recording tool that also supports live streaming and is compatible with all operating ..
Dropbox Passwords 可以在所有设备上存储和同步密码。
Dropbox Passwords 可以提供安全的密码存储空间,并将您的密码与所有设备同步。它会自动填充用户名和密码,方便您即时登录网站和应用,同时确保数据安全。在新的应用和网站中注册帐户时,您可以轻松创建和存储专属的安全帐户密码。 功能: • 一键登录应用和网站 • 在登录应用和网站时存储密码 • 随时随地访问密码,并自动同步到所有设备 从此再也不会被帐户..
Chrome extension that automatically opens Google Calendar meet links and event URLs
Chrome extension that automatically opens Google Calendar meet links and event URLs Googleカレンダーのイベント開始1分前にカレンダーに設定されたGoogle MeetまたはZoomのURLを自動で新しいタブとして開きます。仕事に集中しすぎてミーティングに参加し忘れる、遅..
ClassLink OneClick Extension
ClassLink empowers students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. ClassLink® LaunchPad® includes a library of over 6,000 single sign-on apps and instant lin..
在浏览器中体验 1Password 的最佳方式。轻松登录网站、生成密码和保存安全信息。
This extension requires a 1Password membership. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up when you install the extension and try one free. 1Password is a password manager that kee..
Detects the written language and sets the writing direction to RTL/LTR
# WriteRight WriteRight is a chrome extension that automatically sets the writing direction of input elements and allows the user to override it with keyboard shortcuts. ## Feature..
网页剪贴簿 (WebScrapBook) 可以忠实撷取网页内容,支援多种储存格式与客制化设定,还可以对撷取的资料做检索、组织、加注、编辑。本扩充套件继承自 Firefox 旧版附加元件 ScrapBook X。 功能特色: 1. 忠实撷取:可将浏览器显示的网页撷取储存而不遗失微小细节。一些重要的元资料如来源网址及撷取时间亦皆如实记录。 2. 客制撷取:网页剪..
多种字幕形态随心切换,自动区分发言人,总结关键词、议程、摘要、待办事项和问题。支持一键导出和公开分享。 丰富场景,皆可听悟—— ● 线上会议:清晰记录沟通细节,智能总结待办、议程,会议信息无损传递 ● 面试访谈:自动记录会话内容,智能总结问答、摘要,总结整理高效轻松 ● 课程学习:双语课程完整记录,自动提取要点、问答,随时回顾知识点 ● 视频浏览:实时双语翻..
在 iOS & Android 平台上备受欢迎的潮汐正式发布 Chrome 版本 「潮汐」是一款基于自然声音的身心健康类产品。我们将海浪、雨天、森林等自然声音与专注计时器功能融合在一起,帮助你在使用电脑的过程保持专注,提升工作效率。 特色功能 🕑 专注计时器 自定义专注时长,打造适合不同场景的专属计时器 基于番茄工作法的高效模式,劳逸结合,提升效率 ..