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Integrate AI into your workflows for effortless access to information, boosting your productivity and freeing up valuable time.

🪄 Features:
1) AI on every website
2) AI writing assistant for Gmail
3) AI powered search
4) AI enabled chat with your files

👉 Effortless information access: Experience the power of AI-driven Q&A, enabling you to swiftly obtain accurate answers from any website or YouTube video.

👀 Time-saving content digestion: Enjoy concise overviews of web content with content summarisation, enabling you to quickly grasp essential information.

🔎 Enhanced Search: Get direct answers to your queries. Enhanced Search combines Google and AI-generated results, offering a thorough and diverse search experience. (Accessible on the custom new tab, if enabled)

✍️ Effortlessly compose new emails or email replies in Gmail. Refine your email drafts to capture the perfect tone, spelling and grammar.

📁 Upload files or connect your Google Drive to chat with your files. You can chat with individual files or use Enhanced Search to find answers across all your files. (Accessible on the custom new tab, if enabled)

🚀 Enhanced productivity: Maximise your productivity with the synergy of AI-driven features and tab management, enabling you to work efficiently and save valuable time and effort.

🔒 Privacy
Only the highest privacy and security standards are acceptable when it comes to handling your data. Our commitment is to protect your data, not exploit it. We believe in transparency and always give you full control over your data. Read more about our privacy promise to you here: https://execo.ai/privacyPrinciples

Note: To utilise this extension, you must have a Execo account. If you are not a subscriber yet, you can create an account after you install the extension. Execo is completely free to use for the first 30 days.


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自由!该扩展名更改了用户定义的浏览器时区。 立即更改您的时区并保护您的隐私。 想要一种简单有效的方法来保护您的互联网隐私吗? 要更改时区,只需转到选项页面。我们的扩展程序将列出不同国家/时区的当前时间。 只需选择这些时区之一,然后重新加载浏览器即可。安装此扩展程序后,网站将不知道您处于哪个时区,请保护 浏览互联网时您的隐私。
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Better Research has made my research process much more efficient. The chat GPT feature is incredibly useful and the AI-powered tool provides personalized recommendations. Highly recommend!


I use this extension on a daily basis as it increases my productivity tenfold. I really like that you not only have ChatGPT on every website, but also has so many other unique features such as Smart Compose!


So many other same extension available free of cost


This Google Chrome extension is a game-changer! With AI-powered features like ChatGPT on every website, Smart Compose, Enhanced Search, and Tab Management, it revolutionizes browsing. Effortlessly access information, save time, and enhance productivity. Highly recommended!


Very simply put - it does not work. After asking a question, the dots keep "spinning" (waited for more than 5 minutes). Tested on the latest Chrome version on MacOS. Developer console says: Uncaught (in promise) Error: Extension context invalidated. at chatSubmit (content.js:382:19) at HTMLFormElement. (content.js:671:7)


I use Execo AI extension everyday because it makes me way more productive. I love that it has ChatGPT for any website and also offers cool features like Enhanced Search.


Great but needs local backup feature incase service stops. i'll add a few keywords in order for others to find it. GPT, AI, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, SUMMARY, KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, LIBRARY, INFORMATION, ALGORITHM, DATABASE, KNOWLEDGE BASE, RELATIONAL.


This browser extension has transformed my digital learning experience. It effortlessly captures and summarises information from articles and videos, saving me time and enhancing my retention. With a user-friendly interface, adjustable settings, and continuous improvement, it's a must-have for any lifelong learner. Highly recommended!