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🎉 Integrating our FREE Chrome extension, an all-in-one AI copilot powered by ChatGPT. Works across the web.

✍️ Whether generating or rewriting blog posts, brainstorming ideas, translating text, drafting emails & replies, or anything in between – HIX.AI handles it all as you browse the web – all instantaneously.

🥳 How HIX.AI Outshines the Competition?
✔️ 120+ AI writing tools to empower your words.
✔️ 10+ proven copywriting formulas, PAS, AIDA, QUEST, etc.
✔️ 50+ languages available.
✔️ 0% plagiarism AI-generated content.
✔️ Backed by 100% up-to-the-minute sources.
✔️ 7 unique tones to cater to different audiences and goals.
✔️ ChatGPT-3.5/4 supported.
✔️ Draft emails & reply in a click.
✔️ Draft social media posts & comments with a click.
✔️ Works on Google Docs. Write like within Notion AI.


1️⃣ Google Docs
– Press “//” to activate our AI-powered toolbar and boost your productivity.
– Brainstorm ideas, write AI content, and more–without changing how you work.
– Enjoy the Notion AI-like experience right within Google Docs.
– ChatGPT for Google Docs

2️⃣ Social media & popular platforms
– Support 6+ main social media platforms.
– Write engaging posts tailored to your desired tone and messaging.
– Generate on-point comments for your posts to fuel interaction.
– Get hashtag recommendations to expand your reach.

3️⃣ Search engines
– Obtain concise, accurate answers to your questions right within the search engine interfaces you already use.
– Find related keywords.
– Get additional questions related to your search query.


1️⃣ Meet Our AI Chatbot – HIX Chat
✔️ Deliver lightning-fast, accurate answers to any of your questions.
✔️ Provide content assistance, suggest ideas, and more.
✔️ A chatbot that remembers your conversations.

✔️ Paraphrase text, improve flow, and fix grammar and spelling.
✔️ Enhance your work with in-depth insights.
✔️ Simplify language for clear communication.
✔️ Summarize long-form content in seconds.
✔️ Translate text between different languages.
✔️ And so much more.


✔️ Select text anywhere on Chrome to reveal a dynamic toolbar.
✔️ Ask our AI to write, rewrite, expand, shorten, explain, summarize, continue writing, etc.


✍️ Write ANYTHING On Virtually Any Topic And For Any Industry
1️⃣ Social media
– Posts; Comments; Hashtag recommendations; Caption suggestions; Video ideas
2️⃣ Marketing
– Ad copies; Sales emails; Press releases
3️⃣ Website
– Outlines; Blog posts; Home page content; About us pages; Landing pages
4️⃣ E-commerce
– Product descriptions; Buying guides; Product reviews; Product comparisons; “Best of” articles
5️⃣ Blog
– Blog posts; How-to guides; Tutorials; Listicles; Product Review
6️⃣ News
– Up-to-date news articles
7️⃣ Emails
– Follow-up; Thank-you; Cold outreach; Replies


🔧 How To Use HIX.AI?
– Type “//” or highlight text anywhere on Chrome to display our toolbar.
– Simply hit Ctrl + P or Command + P, or click on the extension icon, or simply click the floating HIX.AI icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen to open our sidebar.


Designed for every workflow – Add the HIX.AI Chrome Extension for Ultimate AI assistance NOW! 🎉


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HIX.AI has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the field of natural language processing. It has empowered users to engage in meaningful conversations, find valuable information, and explore a world of knowledge without limitations. The potential applications of HIX.AI are vast, from education to customer service, and beyond.


Easy to use with good information. Thanks again!


I never give reviews to extensions, but this one is life changing. And, I have only started using the free version.


This excellent writing and refining tool utilizes AI algorithms to quickly optimize the structure and content of articles, thereby improving their readability and promotion results. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can benefit greatly from this tool. I highly recommend this plugin to help you improve your writing level and efficiency.


As an early adopter, I feel that this plugin is more user-friendly than chatgpt and enables me to express my intended message more effectively. I highly recommend it.