【图】vidyaNote – video notes and highlighter(截图1)【图】vidyaNote – video notes and highlighter(截图2)


📢 Video notes in side panel with markdown live preview and local disk sync.

📌 Why you should consider this:
✪ live preview markdown
✪ No signup required
✪ Video snapshot
✪ Record video, audio from video and microphone
✪ Auto-write video caption line-by-line
✪ Add video highlighter link liner
✪ Supported platforms:youtube,udemy,coursera,edx,udacity
✪ Fuzzy search
✪ Dark mode and custom themes.
✪ Export notes in three format: markdown,html and pdf
✪ Sync with desktop local file manager.
✪ Sync with cloud drive: GDrive, oneDrive, Dropbox,box.
✪ Sync with cloud notes: Notion, onenote (coming soon).
✪ Pure & clean code that powers fastest performance.
✪ Cloud & Cross-devices sync (coming soon).
✪ All notes and media files saved locally
✪ No tracking.
✪ No third-party library used.
✪ Negligible memory consumption (consume 400% less memory than new tab).

📌 == FEATURES ==

✅ Markdown live preview
You don’t need to open separate panel to preview your markdown.
vidyaNote provides a real live preview like wysiwyg editor
you can update existing markdown’s mark to change formatted text.

✅ No signup required
vidyanote is only video-notes extension in chrome webstore that don’t require signup

✅ Multiple video e-learning platform supported
you can screenshot any webpage and insert text and images from any webpage by simply drag-n-drop

✅ Add video highlighter
Click highlighter button to insert mart at current position Press “Delete” key or mouse middle-click to delete highlighter

✅ note grid view like google keep
All notes display in grid format. Auto add video’s thumbnail for easy recognize. When note open, related video will open.

✅ Record audio and video
Record video, audio from video in one click.

✅ Capture current captions
vidyaNote doesn’t insert whole transcript into notes like others do.
vidyaNote insert only currently displayed caption.

✅ Create nested folder to organize notes
you can organize notes in nested folders

✅ Custom Themes & fonts customize each-note appearance according to its purposes

✅ Time has come to forget ctrl+c and ctrl+v
Drag and drop any web content e.g images,selected text.
vidyaNote doesn’t convert text into image like others do.
vidyaNote format into markdown so that you can easily modify them

✅ No vendor locked in.
vidyaNote auto-sync your notes with desktop local file manager in three format:
markdown,html & pdf
You can view and edit notes in any other markdown based note editor.

✅ Auto-Sync notes with other cloud providers
You can sync notes with cloud drive providers:GDrive, oneDrive, Dropbox,box.
You can sync notes with cloud notes providers:Notion, evernote (coming soon).

✅ Private and secure
All data saved locally.
Your notes or media file e.g images, videos never touch our server.

🚀 0.0.4 release
📅 timestamp in wrong line fixed
📝 markdown editor bugs mixed


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