【图】dailyNote – daily notes in side panel(截图1)【图】dailyNote – daily notes in side panel(截图2)


📢 daily notes in side panel with markdown live preview and local disk sync.

📌 Why you should consider this:
✪ live preview markdown
✪ Calender-wise Daily notes
✪ Organize notes by tags (zettelkasten method)
✪ No signup required
✪ Fuzzy search
✪ Take screenshot and insert into notes
✪ Append contents in today’s note by right click menu.
✪ Dark mode and custom themes.
✪ Sync with desktop local file manager.
✪ Export notes in three format: markdown,html and pdf
✪ Sync with cloud drive: GDrive, oneDrive, Dropbox,box,notion.
✪ Pure & clean code that powers fastest performance.
✪ Cloud & Cross-devices sync (coming soon).
✪ All notes and media files saved locally
✪ No tracking.
✪ No third-party library used.
✪ Negligible memory consumption (consume 400% less memory than new tab).

📌 == FEATURES ==

✅ Markdown live preview
You don’t need to open separate panel to preview your markdown.
dailyNote provides a real live preview like wysiwyg editor
you can update existing markdown’s mark to change formatted text.

✅ Create Calender wise daily notes
you can organize notes by tags

✅ Custom Themes & fonts
customize notes appearance

✅ Insert selected text,images,screenshot in today’s note without opening sidepanel
You can insert selected text,images by right click menu.
You can take screenshot and bookmark page by right click on extension’s icon.
No need to open panel to append contents.

✅ Time has come to forget ctrl+c and ctrl+v
Drag and drop any web content e.g images,selected text.
dailyNote doesn’t convert text into image like others do.
dailyNote format into markdown so that you can easily modify them

✅ No vendor locked in.
dailyNote auto-sync your notes with desktop local file manager in three format:
markdown,html & pdf
You can view and edit notes in any other markdown based note editor.

✅ Auto-Sync notes with other cloud providers
You can sync notes with cloud drive providers:GDrive, oneDrive, Dropbox,box.
You can sync notes with cloud notes providers:Notion, onenote (coming soon).

✅ Private and secure All data saved locally. Your notes or media file e.g images, videos never touch our server.

🚀 0.0.4 release
📅 invalid date bug fixed
📝 markdown editor bugs mixed


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