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Summarize any article using OpenAI’s ChatGPT

—————- Update – Version 0.0.7 —————-
Fix running extension in youtube.com
Fix setting the default prompt

—————- Update – Version 0.0.6 —————-
– Choose prompt between “Traditional Chinese” and default (English)

Summarize any article using OpenAI’s ChatGPT
Introducing Summarize, your AI-powered assistant that instantly summarizes articles and text.

With the Summarize extension, you can get the main ideas of any page in just one click, without leaving the page. Whether you’re reading news, articles, blogs, or research reports, Summarize has you covered.

Our AI-powered (powered by ChatGPT) summarization technology is trained to provide comprehensive and high-quality summaries that maximize speed and comprehension. And we continuously improve it with thousands of human-written summaries. This means that you can trust Summarize to deliver accurate and reliable summaries, every time.

With Summarize, you can get through all your open tabs faster, and spend more time on what matters. Stay up-to-date with everything you want to read, and never miss out on the key ideas again. Try Summarize today and experience the power of AI-powered summarization.


Storywiz instantly converts any text articles into immersive visual Stories and bite-sized AI Summaries.
Storywiz instantly converts any text articles into immersive visual Stories and bite-sized AI Summaries so you can get through the information faster, and thoroughly enjoy your rea..
漂亮而又简单的弹出式 Chrome 扩展管理工具。 最近更新: - 现在你可以创建自己的分组来管理你的扩展程序 - 全新设计,增加更多可自定义项目
Use ChatGPT to rewrite your texts
This chrome extension enables you to enhance and refine your text using ChatGPT. Instructions 1. Select any editable text in your browser. 2. Look for the ChatGPT Rewriter options...
用'帮我'在任何地方搜索 Bard AI
介绍Bard的全站搜索,这是一个Chrome扩展程序,它将Google的新ChatBot LLM的功能带到您的指尖。只需一次点击,您就可以访问当今可用的最先进的AI驱动搜索语言模型,而无需离开您所在的页面。 Bard的全站搜索设计简单直观。扩展程序在任何页面上都会打开一个搜索框,让您向Bard提交查询,并为您的搜索获得最准确和最相关的结果。无需复杂的设置,使..
使用 ChatGPT 總結任何網頁或 Youtube 視頻並節省時間。 獲取 Chat GPT 摘要。 摘要 GPT-4。
Summary with ChatGPT 是一款免費的 Chrome 擴展程序,可讓您快速訪問您正在觀看的 YouTube 視頻的摘要或任何採用 OpenAI 人工智能技術的文章。 使用此擴展程序可以節省時間並更快地學習。 輕鬆高效網頁摘要的終極工具! 只需點擊幾下,您現在就可以總結任何網頁或 Youtube 視頻。 ChatGPT for Summary ..
Download a file from a URL directly ..
Download a file from a URL directly to google drive! Bypass your slow internet connection. Great for mobile devices.
Never miss a Coding contest again! Displays live and upcoming Programming Contests happening on a variety of popular platforms.
Main Features :- Visit a Coding Contest in one click, by clicking on the contest name. Add a contest to Google Calendar and use its features. Select specific websites for updates. ..
Draw shapes, lines, add text to live web pages. Annotate online, take screenshot, download PNG, share with friends. Page marker
Drawwwweb paint tool is a new art word in the Chrome extension world. This was made to provide the following easy to use drawing tools. Draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web..
The most efficient way to finish assignments. Scan and Solve any questions effortlessly with PhotoSolve powerful AI!
Introducing PhotoSolve 🚀, the ultimate Chrome extension that will revolutionize the way you solve problems! Say goodbye to spending hours on difficult questions, and let our powerf..
Add mark as seen buttons to your favorite websites.
Add mark as seen buttons to your favorite websites. ⚠️ This extension includes paid plans. Once you install the Markers extension for Google Chrome on your desktop, a new mark as s..
易看图(Photo Zoom)是一款帮助你快速查看页面中缩略图对应“大图”的浏览器扩展。只需将鼠标悬停在缩略图上,即可展示相应的高分辨率图片。目前支持的网站包括淘宝、天猫、京东、微博、B站等多个网站,并且智能看图脚本会不断持续更新。 ● 丰富的快捷键操作: 切换视图模式:A(自适应) / M(迷你) / I(适中) / P(全景) 切换到上一次使用的视图模式..
Easy & fast temp mail. Create a free temporary, secure, anonymous, disposable email.
Many forums, Wi-Fi owners, websites, and blogs ask visitors to register before viewing content, posting comments, or downloading something. Mail1.io — is the most advanced throwawa..
Timer app featuring Japanese Tanukis..
Timer app featuring Japanese Tanukis. Use this free Tanuki App to time your ramen…or anything! The Tanuki are Japanese raccoon dogs. They are famous in Japanese folklore and art. I..
Standup is a simple note management ..
Standup is a simple note management application for your standup meetings. All of the data is stored locally in your browsers localStorage. The intention of the app is pretty simpl..
Copy to clipboard all the URLs in one click
It copies to clipboard all the URLs from all the tabs currently open in your browser. Note you must pin the extension to be able to work with it . You have to click the pinned icon..