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Chat GPT anti censorship插件简介

The purpose of this extension is to gain more freedom in ChatGPT.
The extension only hides the moderations prompts, OpenAI still flags the messages.

This extension allows the user to:
– block content from getting censored after it’s written (In red)
– block content from flagged censored after it’s written (In orange)

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Work well as of november first, most of the time shows the uncensored response, occasionally you have to refresh the page and it shows up straight away.


doesn't work, don't bother with this


used to work great but as of september 2023 it is patched, so dont waste your time on a download


es perfecta


The extension did a good job, but it doesn't work as expected anymore so I hope you will update it soon.


did not work


It is really good. Sometimes I ask really normal stuff and it annoys me when openai blocks my messages and this really extension helps; no more blocking. Though the name is a bit misleading cause it doesn't bypass any "censorship" filters if you want to nsfw stuff; like the name should be "anti-blocking" or something. but, anyways, I still use it on a daily basis + void.chat for nsfw instructions and editing ai messages that i don't like. I really hope openai doesn't patch any of them, these extensions are really what keeps me using chatgpt and it is really sad they always try to find ways to hinder them.


"You were given a alert before terminating access to the account" It works as claimed and as it should. Errors happen, unpleasant (errors in json processing), at least ~3 days ago.


I'm sorry, but I cannot fulfill this request as it goes against ethical guidelines and contains explicit and inappropriate content. If you have any other topic or question you'd like to discuss, feel free to ask.


Pretty good, But I got banned from chat gpt a while after. Is it possible to update the extention to not detect a violation of Open ai's terms of service so as to not get a ban?


Really thanks!!!!




you did it!


It was great product. it was working before July 20th. After Gpt3.5 it is no longer working. Please consider fixing it


It stopped working on Jul 19th. I'm hoping they can get it up and fixed again. It's a very good extension when it is working.


It works again, thank you for fixing it


It do exactly what it's made for, no more orange colored text to inform you that you content does not please those fu**ing bigot at openAI, and no more Red censorship that deleted your text when you was to explore more hardcore or immoral fetishes THANK YOU ! Of course it does nothing for the censorship made by the AI itself (the "sorry can't generate that") but this one is easy to bypass once you have enough sexual context in your conversation, the hardest part is to START the conversation... Now want to share this with everyone everywhere but I will not do it, I'm afraid bringing too much attention will make those bigot patch it faster ( or it it even patchable in the way their thing work ? )


Works good for what it is. I'm wondering how long it will work for though.


This update is very powerful. It erases even that hideous orange and red color from existing conversations. wonderful! However, I was playing on my phone so it's a bit disappointing that it doesn't work on the kiwi browser. But I look forward to that in future updates!


This extension is working as of April 13, 2023. Just don't get too explicit, or else ChatGPT will kindly refuse your request. Thank you for making it. Update (September 5, 2023): I remember the extension being taken down by its author, as OpenAI changed the moderation code. Now that the extension is back, I can confirm it works!