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TruthGPT for Google插件简介

TruthGPT aims to be a “maximum truth-seeking” AI. It is designed to prioritize accurate information over anything else, and to be a counterweight to existing chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard, which have been criticized for spreading false information or harmful rhetoric.
But TruthGPT uses both ChatGPT and Bard to validate truthfulness of a given information.

TruthGPT is a AI chatbot model with the potential to address some of the challenges of AI safety and disinformation.

Colour Code meaning:
* RED – false
* YELLOW – it may be true or false(the verifier is not sure)
* GREEN – true

Make sure you Pin it to use later .

TruthGPT has the potential to be a powerful tool for promoting truth and accuracy in the world. TruthGPT aims to minimize disinformation and hallucinations.

For feedback or feature requests reach out to us at https://github.com/SingularityLabs-ai/truthgpt-for-google-extension-mini/issues

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