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ChatGPT Conversation Manager插件简介

ChatGPT Conversation Manager

Dive into a streamlined experience with ChatGPT conversations like never before!

💬 Overview:
Discover the ultimate tool for organizing, searching, and exporting your GPT chats. Whether you’re a regular user or a deep conversational enthusiast, this extension is tailored to amplify your interaction with the GPT model.

🌟 Features:

Conversations at a Glance: View, categorize, and tag your chats effortlessly. From deep philosophical discussions to casual banter, every chat has its place.

Search with Precision: Can’t remember that one insightful thing GPT said? Just type in a keyword, and we’ll highlight the moments of brilliance for you.

Bookmarking Magic: Loved a conversation? Bookmark it with a single click and revisit your favorites anytime.

Draggable & Resizable Interface: Customize your viewing pane to your liking. Drag and resize to fit your screen and preference, ensuring you always have the best view of your conversations.

Export on Demand: Want to share or archive your dialogues? Export your curated chats as polished Word documents in seconds.

🔒 Your Privacy, Our Priority: We understand the value of your chats. That’s why all data is stored locally, ensuring your conversations remain confidential and untouched.

Unleash the full potential of your ChatGPT experience. Add the ChatGPT Conversations Manager to your browser and watch your interactions transform!

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The ChatGPT Conversation Manager extension is a game-changer, simplifying chat interactions, earning a solid 5-star rating from me.