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Salesforce Log Miner插件简介

Update: v0.4: Minor fix: Tooltip enabled.
Update: v0.3:
Bug Fix: Incorrect Apex CPU time data in few scenarios. Was happening Intermittently . Fixed now.

Update: v0.2:
– User iFrame data security and privacy enhanced
– Enabled for Lightning as well. Now compatible for both Classic and Lightning mode.
– Issue Resolved:
Issue: 1 – User reported issue that extension was not able to load where Exception string or
SQOL query was very long. Now improved CSS to wrap long text and load data
Issue: 2 – Not working with Lightning mode: Now the issue is fixed and extension is working in
both mode.
– Able to export all data in excel format.
– Added SOQL Detail table to provide insight about SOQL queries. No. of executions and query string.
– Changes at UI level.
– Improved usability

First Version v0.1
Salesforce Log Miner: Apex CPU and Too many SOQL101 issue.
– SOQL 101, Apex CPU Issue
– Data on Plate: Searching, consolidating and displaying required data.
– Reducing manual effort to search crucial data in Debug Log
– Single click and data is ready in Table and Card format
– Can be exported in Excel format

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Salesforce Log Miner插件下载




Excellent extension for debug logs.


I am working as a Salesforce - Technical Lead. While debugging we need to manually search for the limits of usage of resources like DML, SOQL etc. So this extension provides all such usage in 1 click. Easily accessible and properly viewable data. As well as we can download the excel of the log where 5 tabs are present with details like Error Count, Resource Consumed, DML List etc. We can also see detailed SOQL & DML matrix used in our code. So I strongly recommend this extension for use.


Very useful tool for debugging Apex code. Saves lot of time.


As a technical person, we often have to struggle while debugging our issues and this plugin works like a charm. Its a MUST to have. Thank you so much for helping the community. You Rocks \m/


Really making me a Pro-active QA.


I am Product Tech team lead, and this has increase my productivity for Tech analysis.


much needed one


Brilliant and Genuinely time saving miracle. Saves time and effort.


Extremely useful for daily tasks, especially in debugging Apex. Currently, the detailed information about SOQL queries is not accessible. It would be awesome if we could obtain query details along with their executions


Very useful in day to day debug operations