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DeepTube AI插件简介

DeepTube AI gives your brain superpowers. With access to the most advanced AI tools and latest technologies, you will extract key knowledge instantly and directly from YouTube.

You can then share everything on 𝕏 and scale, by gaining access to the true leverage DeepTube gives you as a next-gen AI-assisted creator.

⭐️ Key Features ⭐️

1️⃣ YouTube – Video Pages :
➤ Key Moments (Chapters with Timestamps)
➤ Summary & Key Notes
➤ Step by Step guide
➤ Mind Map
➤ Search & Chat
➤ Transcribe with AI or use Video Captions

2️⃣ YouTube – Channel Pages :
➤ Search and Chat simultaneously with multiple Channel Videos in seconds

3️⃣ 𝕏 – Twitter :

➤ 𝕏 Factory : Generate Posts or Chat with YouTube
• Single Video : Generate posts from a single video
• Multiple Videos : Generate posts from multiple videos
• Mixed Groups : different videos from different Channels
• Channel Groups : different videos from the same Channel

➤ Manage Posts :
• Factory Posts : View all generated posts and bookmark what you want to add to Kanban
• Kanban Board : Manage all your posts, where you can also edit them or fully customize your Kanban Layout

➤ Voice & Settings : Tune the AI to match your brand voice and personality
• Tone & Personality : Choose multiple voice settings and personality traits
• AI Settings : set the AI temperature and choose how many results should be processed when generating Posts

➤ Reply Assist : Generate Posts Replies in seconds using AI
• Custom Prompts
• Use your Tone & Personality Settings

➤ Multi-Account Support : Create and switch between different profiles with different settings, to manage multiple X accounts at the same time

➤ Previous/Next Navigation buttons

➤ All features are also Available from 𝕏 Pro (Tweet Deck)

4️⃣ Other Features :
➤ You can play the source video of any search result in the Chat and 𝕏 Posts Generation
➤ Dark Mode & Light Mode Auto-Sync with your current 𝕏 and YouTube theme
➤ Resizable and movable windows for a better experience
➤ Extremely Fast Responses
➤ All operations are saved for lifetime free access

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