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Notion Syntax Highlighter插件简介

🖼️ 245 available themes
🔧 Improved syntax highlighting
🩹 Minor fixes for code blocks



1. Upon installing the extension, the default theme (Gruvbox dark) will be automatically selected.
2. To change the theme, simply click on the extension’s icon and select a different theme.
3. For convenience, only a few themes are visible in the main theme dropdown. To add more, click below the dropdown or right-click on the extension’s icon and choose the “Options” menu. On the options page, select the themes you want to appear in your default list.



Notion Syntax Highlighter extension does not analyze or send any user data. All the essential data needed for the extension to function, such as your selected themes and color scheme preferences, is stored locally within your browser.



This extension requires thorough testing, so if you encounter any issues, please report them as bugs here: https://github.com/JSerwatka/notion-syntax-highlighter/issues.

You can support this project by:
❤️ Rating it
🤗 Proposing changes and contributing to its development
🐛 Reporting any bugs you encounter



– Character limit on highlighting:
Syntax highlighting gets disabled after reaching a certain character limit. This mechanism is built into Notion’s code blocks originally due to performance issues.

– Slow on large code snippets:
When you haven’t reached the threshold for disabling syntax highlighting but still working with a very large code snippet, writing code inside a code block can become sluggish. This is an inherent issue with Notion’s code blocks. I will explore ways to improve performance by identifying the differences between the previous and new code blocks and implementing granular HTML editing.

– Some languages are not supported by highlight.js:
Highlighting and themes will fallback to Notion’s default for certain languages, such as:
– Agda
– Dhall
– Flow
– Idris
– Mermaid
– PureScript
– Racket
If you need support for these languages, please create a parser. Check higlightjs parsers for reference.

– Changing Notion appearance requires page refreshing:
When you switch the appearance of Notion from “dark” to “light” (or the other way around), the font color inside the code blocks may not always update. To solve this problem, refresh the page

– Language selector, cursor and option buttons are not visible in some themes:
When a user selects a light theme for a code block while having a dark theme as the Notion color scheme, the “language selector” and cursor become invisible. Additionally, hovering over buttons like copy, caption, etc., causes them to disappear. The same issue exists when using a dark theme for the code block and a light theme for Notion

🚀 Future Improvements

– Resolve performance issues related to editing large code blocks
– Add shadow and rounded borders (configurable in settings)
– Add line numbers (configurable in settings)
– Allow line height customization (configurable in settings)
– Support prettier and other code formatters
– Simplify the process of adding new themes

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Great thing. (if it doesnt work in the Brave, turn off shields)


I works seamlessly! Great job.