Hey awesome PM!
No more aimless wandering—nail your projects with laser-focused precision! 🎯

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1. Speed Demon: Slash your project timelines like a ninja!
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3. Mental Maestro: Walk into any meeting with unshakable confidence!

👉 Meet BuildMap: Your New Secret Sauce

A Google Extension that’s the equivalent of having a seasoned PM guru whispering in your ear. That’s right, you’re now unstoppable. 🌪️

🚀 The 5-Step Cheat Code to PM Nirvana

Step 1: Snag That Extension
Navigate to the Google Chrome Web Store and smack the “Install” button like it owes you money!

Step 2: Problem? What Problem?
Fire up the extension and behold a dropdown menu of problem statements, curated just for you!

Step 3: Be the Choosy Champion
Feast your eyes on a smorgasbord of frameworks that’ll make you wonder how you ever lived without us!

Step 4: Tap into Greatness
Feeling the vibe of a framework? Just smash that “Use Template” button and POOF—everything you need is copied! 🪄

Step 5: Paste and Bask in Your Awesomeness
Slap that copied content onto your workspace and you’re all set to be the PM rockstar you were born to be!

📚 The Treasure You’ve Just Unearthed
Framework Breakdown: Steps so clear, you’d think they were written by PM poets!🧠

Resource Goldmine: Your ultimate cheat sheet—a buffet of links so on-point you’ll feel like you’ve hacked the system!

🚀 Soar to New PM Heights with BuildMap
You’re just a click away from transforming your product management game. Why settle for ordinary when you can be legendary?

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用于Trello板的敏捷SCRUM通过启用SCRUM功能为您的Trello板提供了超能力: ★故事点: 为特雷洛卡设置故事点 ★TIME SPENT: 设置用于任务的时间。 ★标签: 组卡到标签,用户故事或项目,这些自动着色,以节省您的时间。 ★进展酒吧: 可视化你的冲刺进度立即与不执着的背景进度条上的卡片和列表。 ★HEADER分离器: 使用标头分隔符对列..
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A Software Consulting Company. We are a IT consulting company.
A Software Consulting Company. We are a IT consulting company.
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Where has this been all my PM life?


Makes tackling projects a breeze.


Perfect extension to translate problems to user centric frameworks. PRD writing super easy!!


Makes tackling projects a breeze.


I knew nothing about product manager before but after using this extension I got job offers from multiple companies


Great extension for product management. loved it!!! Definitely recommend to all pm


Great Tool for PM makes your job easy and is quite helpful.


Helped me massively, An incredibly helpful tool that's become indispensable. Quick, versatile, and reliable. A must-have for boosting productivity.


This tool is fantastic and has been extremely helpful to me.


Great product for PMs!!! Really helpful


A powerful tool for product managers.This tool is a lifesaver!! highly recommended to all the pms


It starts from identifying problems to selecting the right framework, this is an indispensable tool for those aspiring to become product management experts!


Great extension....A helpful for product manager to process aim and acheive it.


"This extension seamlessly aligns with the PRD and leaves no room for doubt, a testament to the diligent work of the product manager."


Wow this is a must for every serious Product Manager out there! Don't think just get this now without any second thoughts.


It's a powerful tool that simplifies complexity. The most reliable sidekick a PM could ask for!!


Excellent tool, brilliant idea .It is the missing link in my PM toolkit.


Great extension! Very useful for product managers.


really amazing extension for product management. loved it!!! Would recommend to all Product Managers


Loved it . Great add on for PMs . Will surely recommend to my colleagues.