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Half Bold literally bolds half of the word allows all users to focus on text without being overwhelmed. This can be a great tool to activate when you see long blogs or even a large group of paragraphs.

Change log:
Version: 1.1.0
– Add feature Half bold text for text plain file
– Add feature selected some text and fast share on social such as: twitter, linkedIn and facebook (auto post use api post).

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Doesn't work on PDFs


I love this idea. It doesn't work very well for quoted blocks, esp. code blocks. Sometimes it removes the line breaks. I also doesn't really seem to help much for code anyway since code already has syntax highlighting and isn't structured the same as natural language. I'm not sure if there's a way to generally distinguish code blocks, but if there is, it'd be great to just disable this for those sections. Maybe there could be a way to manually disable for a certain type of section.


Did not work for my digital textbooks, specifically VitalSource.


Not working


This extension does not work. I've tried on PDF files and a plethora of websites. Don't waste your time!


make it work in chatgpt would do great good, nice extension though


This extension is so helpful to me, moreso even than the OpenDyslexic extension. However, I have to re-enable it on every new page, and it works inconcistently. If it gets fixed, I'll use it every day!


Really great idea, extrmely helpful for someone with dyslexia. however it doesnt work on pdf files opened in chrome and when activated on sites with images it removes them which can be annoying if youre reading articles with graphs or tables in it.


Great extension, so glad this exists! However, the plug-in is inconsistent and does not work on university pages. When it is functional, it does exactly what its supposed to do. Thanks for this!


Only here because of a TikTok, but too many inconsistent reviews, so deleted the extension after reading the reviews


when it works, it's amazing because I can read faster and keep up the theme of the text for longer. sadly, it also has problems that either break text formatting (like deleting line breaks) or straight up break websites (buttons missing, text boxes absent and others). As a quick and easy help for reading better, it's great, as a long-term solution, it's not, as it has multiple fixes that it needs before it can be so... nonetheless, the fact that this was basically a solidary project to help those with ADHD, I am very grateful this exists.


Really cool idea but it does not work at all, not on any site I tried it on.


It's a cool idea (I was obsessed with it when I first heard about it too and tried to build a similar Chrome extension) but if you look at research on bionic reading, it doesn't actually make a difference. "After analyzing data from 2,074 testers, we found no evidence that Bionic Reading has any positive effect on reading speed. In fact, participants read 2.6 words per minute slower on average with Bionic Reading than without." Source: https://blog.readwise.io/bionic-reading-results/


Saw this and had to have it, really helped me


thank you :')


Why is it not working on most pages? It worked sort of on Facebook, but the font is already kind of bold so it was very subtle. Works on Twitter but images don't load at all? Didn't work at all on Reddit or Gmail. If it automatically turned on with every page, that would be stellar too, but I'm having to manually turn on and wait 30 seconds for the page to reload. As of right now, it needs major fixes before I would consider this actually useful.


I installed this as I have to read a lot of scientific literature and I hoped it would help increase my focus and reading efficiency. Unfortunately I could not get it to work on any site I use, and it completely breaks Endnote. I wish it would work on PDFs opened in chrome (through Endnote or otherwise) and that you didn't have to turn it on/off every time you move to/open a different page.


I wish there was a way to adjust the size of the bold font, sometimes it's a bit too much depending on the font. Otherwise, it’s amazing and i can take in info much faster.


Good idea but it doesn't seem to work


this is great and helps with reading, but this is absolutly horrible for the sites i need to study from and most other sites i tried using it on. breaks the general website UI breaks any and all PNG pictures and makes the site not display them i end up turning this on when i read and then off (plus refresh the site) to view the diagrams and charts once this issue is fixed its a 5 star from me