【图】Fabric – copilot for all your files & clouds(截图1)【图】Fabric – copilot for all your files & clouds(截图2)


** Requires a Fabric account.

🧠 Your digital second brain – all your stuff in one place
🔍 Find anything again with AI search & chat assistant
📝 Annotate anything, make notes for your future self
💬 Collaborate on top of any media, note or file

–– The fastest way to save anything on the internet
–– The fastest way to share anything online
–– The fastest way to retrieve anything you’ve saved

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Add images, files, text highlights, notes, bookmarks and PDFs to your library.
If you can think of it, you can save it to Fabric. Designed to be the most flexible library every created.

Get answers about the contents of any of your files with Fabric’s AI chat assistant. Ask questions about a current document, or for it to find information from any source of data you’ve connected.

Always find what you’re looking for with AI search, smart discoverability and our visual library. Fabric understands your content, and what you’re looking for, intelligently connecting the dots. It’s like having a perfect memory.

Share anything in a Space and collaborate on it in real-time. Live updates, shared cursors, audio, notifications and more. It feels like you’re working side-by-side. No more long email chains or hunting for a file in a group chat.

Fabric is available on mobile, web, desktop and as a browser extension. Your digital world is always within reach.

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We care deeply about privacy, so all your content is encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit (SSL/TLS). See our privacy commitment here: https://fabric.so/privacy

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Email: team@fabric.so
Twitter: @fabricinternet


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Wow Wow Wow. Everyday I discover a new use case for Fabric. My life is not only easier but is also exapanding in unimagined ways.


This is a very promising app!


Genial! Realmente útil y mucho más intuitivo y cómodo que los favoritos del buscador.


i absolutely love the aesthetic and design of this app! out of all the read-it-later/web clipper apps i've tried so far, this one seems the most promising in terms of both artistic direction & technical direction. the visuals remind me a bit of Arc (which i love) & the ai integration is great! if i could make a suggestion, please consider adding a tagging feature to clips and annotations! folders are nice, but i personally prefer to use tags when it comes to searching and organizing things. i'm not sure how well tagging would combine with the way the ai is programmed, but either way, thank you for all you do, and keep up the great work!!


Please allow changing the shortcut from ALT+D to something customized. I've used ALT+D to access the address bar since forever, and it's really annoying having Fabric take over that shortcut.


This has the potential to change how I organize the internet. So excited.


please add option to disab.e popup, context menu is better


it's really impressing piece of software. A lot of functionality . it's actually allows one to capture each and everything that is important to him and one want to save and annotate and then to be able to find it quickly with the AI search function and even share it with others for the sake of collaboration. good for personal things and for work things and both could easily be separated in the the spaces and internal different organizers(collections and color categories) of the software. it's a web app as well as a desktop app as well as a chrome extension. a lot of work has been invested here so far and it's seems only the beginnings.


I've been relentlessly searching for a way to easily save information/documents I could share with my whole team, regardless of which OS they use. I've just started using Fabric, but this is precisely what I was looking for. Good on ya.


Fabric really solved the key problem I had — to share links and context about them to my team. It's such a nice shortcut to use, that it became a must-have app in our company. "Collections" features is 👌