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Introducing the Bard AI Answers Chrome Extension! This extension displays answers from Google’s Language Model (LLM) called Bard alongside the usual Google search results.

Bard AI is a powerful tool that uses state-of-the-art natural language processing to generate accurate and informative answers to your search queries. With this extension, you can easily access Bard’s insights and information without having to navigate away from your search results page.

Please note that this extension only works in countries where Bard is currently supported. For a list of supported countries, please refer to the Bard support page: https://support.google.com/bard/answer/13575153.

Get ready to supercharge your research and knowledge with the Bard AI Answers Chrome Extension. Download it today!

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Extremly well put together, only thing I would recommend is make chat free and instead have other options put behind a paywall such as highlight to ask.


Muito bom! melhor engine de pesquisa e de chat que já usei, a extensão do Bard permite fazer pesquisas em tempo real, consegue inserir informações de conteúdos de sites e redes sociais postados recentemente e sempre me fornece informações detalhadas em relação ao que pesquiso, testei ela em conjunto à outras extensões de outros desenvolvedores e sem dúvida é a mais esperta e a mais bem alimentada de informações.


It leaves a residue in the bard history every time, I guess I won't be able to use it until the automatic cleaning feature comes


(Edit. October 26th. Cool we see now the images sent by Bard in the extension. Thanks. That added to the trigger option (automatic or manual) and the option to widen the panel make that extension really great! no option to change the automatically search by default. no pictures, only is written [Image of X]


Very simple and usefull


it is a real brad thanks


This is exactly how it should be implemented, can't believe it works for brave search too, it's a godsend thanks very much, love your Bing version too, I've both installed and they stack on top of eachother at the side of a search


Works nice and looks seamless.


It stop working since 06-26-2023


Great application. I like the UI, but it would make more sense if it comes it a chat bar to continue the conversation with bard. Additionally I think it is better to make it one big suite for all your extensions under one name.


I like the UI, but it would make more sense if it comes it a chat bar to continue the conversation with bard.