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Ask Search for Chrome插件简介

Search images, news, videos, maps, recipes and more with easy, safe, reliable search from Ask.com

Answers you want. Content for days. What more could you Ask for? All that and more in a new Chrome window!

By clicking the “Add To Chrome” and installing the Ask Search for Chrome extension, you agree to the End User License Agreement (https://eula.askapplications.com/eula/), the Privacy Policy (https://eula.askapplications.com/privacypolicy/) and to any additional terms set forth below. You further agree to receive any future updates and upgrades.

For instructions on how to remove our extension, please visit https://support.askapplications.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024501074

For other support or to provide feedback, please visit us at https://support.askapplications.com/

Permissions Requested:

“Read and change your data on a number of websites”
For our product to work, we require access to the websites we own and manage.

“Read your browsing history”
This allows us to tailor product specific content or offers towards relevant information.

“Display Notifications”
This allows us the option to send you updates or additional product offers once you’ve already enjoyed the free product.

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Ask Search for Chrome插件下载




très excellente


muito confuso


eu quero que funciona o roblox pra as pesssoas a cessarem porfavor pq eu n consigo jogar o roblox


eu n consigo joga among fala continue e dps add no chome ai vai mas ta oq eu fasso? nd, eu n consigo jogar poxaaaaaaaaaaa, n gostei >:(


Also ich finde die Leute erzälen es super aber ich komme nicht rein


porque cria ferramentas que facilitam as comunicações e as buscas.


Que bien que existen este tipo de apoyos adicionales, nos facilitan rl integrar la estructura de equipos que se van necesitando, que nos permite mejorar la practica y ser mas efectivos en los resultados de atencion a amigos y demas personas que acuden a consulta y arreglos.Felicidades ¡¡¡¡¡




me encanta


This app screwed up my Mac. I have disabled it, however, now my Zoom isn't working. I am furious!!!


muito bommmmm recomendo muito


até que é bom mas poderia ser melhor


ameiiiiii muito legal




muito bom


je suis bloqué au niveau 1500 etoiles et j ai toutes les etoiles 5389 des chateaux ..aidez moi merci. sino comment je peut faire pour l installer sans perdre ma progression sur un smarthphone plus perfrorman.