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Keyword Planner插件简介

Keyword Planner uses the Google™, YouTube™, Amazon™, eBay™ and Etsy™ Suggest APIs to show you useful keywords related to your search query right under the search box.

It also integrates with third party APIs to show you search volume data for these keywords.

Instructions to use

1. Install the chrome extension

2. Go to any of the supported websites – Google™ YouTube™, Amazon™, eBay™ or Etsy™ and perform a search

3. Inside the text box, on the right hand side you will see a new button with the Keyword Planner logo.

4. Click the button, and you will see multiple lists of keywords show up right underneath the search bar.

Change log for the keyword planner chrome extension

v0.0.22 (14th August 2022)
– Fixed issue with duplicate keywords
– Changed extension summary to include other supported websites

v0.0.19 (10th August 2022)
– Support for YouTube™, Amazon™, eBay™ and Etsy™

v0.0.14 (25th July 2022)
– Support for Google dark theme
– Bug fixing

v0.0.9 (6th July 2022)
– First release

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Not sure if mine was buggy, but I only had "ON..." (onedrive, once upon a child, one of a kind pets, etc.) keywords pop up regardless of what I typed in the search bar. I typed in "rain shower head" and "shower seat", I never even searched anything beginning with ON prior, so not sure why it's stuck on it.


best extension for keyword clustering


Nice and very useful extension for keyword research............


Without search volume, keyword research is useless.


Doesn't show search volume. Also it looks like it only shows US keywords.


Very useful extension to find query related searches.


Makes things easy by displaying all Possible keywords at one click. loved this tool.