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Devi AI Lead Generation Assistant automatically monitor Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit Global posts to find ready to buy leads and relevant post, ChatGPT generated outreach helps to convert. Devi also create & schedule posts on all your social media with 1-click saving you 2 hrs a day and act like your full-time employee. There are 3.5 Billion monthly active users on combined social media. Devi is an automated tool works 24*7 to find opportunities for your business to sell, get new insight and manage brand reputation.

This is a business AI lead gen and social media management tool
It has a monthly subscription fee please check https://ddevi.com/pricing. If you like to use it for personal and research reasons please contact [email protected] to apply for a free license.

What can Devi do for my business?
1. Monitor private and public Facebook group posts, Reddit, Twitter and LInkedin Global posts and conversations to find high-intent leads and help you to reach them directly.

2. Outreach the leads with ChatGPT generated sales and non-salesy replies and fully automated follow ups to save you time and close more deals.

3. Create & Schedule: 1-click to create engaging posts using top 50+ AI prompts and schedule them on all your social media with ease. Save you or your team 2-3 precious hours a day.

How does Devi work?
Devi runs in the background and monitor all your private groups, Twitter, LinkedIn & Reddit posts for the keywords saving you 2-3 hours/day to find high quality leads and relevant posts. Devi works in your browser and none of the data is transferred over the network. All the algorithms and data processing, and storage happens in your computer.
Disclaimer: The Tool is not intended for data scraping, fake engagement, or any other activity that breaches the rules of the Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

We do not store any data accessed or processed through the Tool. Any data stored in the user’s browser while using the Tool is temporary and intended only for the duration of the user’s session. Our Tool does not permanently collect or store any user information or social media data.

What shall I pay for this tool instead of running ads?
Did you know that Facebook private groups cannot be targeted by ads? Means Facebook group audiences never been marketed via groups that creates a huge opportunity. Devi will be your full-time employee watching your groups 24*7 for leads and brand mentions in all the post and comments of all your joined groups.


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I am loving the AI Social Media Post Generator. Saving me a lot of time.


The app cause my facebook account to get banned. Don't use it.


From setting up to usage, everything is amazing. Plus it gives me exactly the leads I have been hunting for just from few clicks. By the way, the entire process is automated. I only need to set my parameters right.


Excited to see the new updates the Devi team has made to make this tool even better. Initial results have been very promising! 😍


Tool is great to boost your brand awareness and target the right people. The effect even seems to be better than my ads after A/B testing. So in case you're looking for a relatively cheap option to boost your brand awareness and generate leads - I highly recommend this!


Great tool to create/build brand awareness and reputation without spending 1000s of dollars and time. It helps you act fast on possible leads and gain the upper-hand. It is completely automated and result oriented. The extension is easy to use and get around.


Best for them who are dependent on social media groups. It is absolutely safe to use. You don't have to watch the group for business leads as Devi does that for you. I claimed their launching offer and got 50% discount. I must say it boosts my small team's productivity by 10 times. I will edit this review again after 2 months of use.


This tool is amazing. I've been able to find a good amount of leads and it doesn't take time at all which is the best part of it. Only downside is how fun it can be to browse for different keywords (so i just get distracted haha) :)